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The Lost City will keep you charmed and on the edge of your seat

The Lost City will keep you charmed and on the edge of your seat

The Lost City. The Adventure Is Real. The Heroes Are Not.

The Lost City will bring a smile to your face and keep it there for the next couple of hours if you know what you’re getting into. Starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, with an extremely entertaining cameo by Brad Pitt, The Lost City pays homage to some of the best swashbuckling adventure films of the past, including Romancing the Stone, Jewel of the Nile, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Co-starring Daniel Radcliffe as the evil Fairfax, Da’Vine Joy Randolf as Beth and Oscar Nunez, there are many scenes that had the audience in stitches, including (spoiler alert!) the sight of leeches attached to Tatum’s fully naked buttocks. It’s a scene in which Bullock skillfully maintains her composure, cracking up the audience as she voiced her thoughts while peeling off the leeches.

What’s funny is Tatum’s character, Alan as a male supermodel for Bullock’s character, Loretta’s book cover; he has a crush on her, yet unashamedly shows his wimpy side during the leeches episode. Later, when Jack Trainer (Pitt) gets pretty much shot to pieces by the bad guys, the scene is done in a humorous way, to keep you from really worrying whether or not he survives or not. Alan, now covered in Trainer’s blood, just ignores that whole incident, instead of focusing on getting Loretta to safety and becoming her hero. Despite the gruesome scene, directors Aaron Nee and Adam Nee kept the mood loose and the audience chuckling.

Loretta is a famous author, who was kidnapped from her book tour by Fairfax because he believed her ability to read ancient writings could lead him to a priceless headdress, which was hidden on a tropical volcanic island. The Nee brothers’ tongue-in-cheek approach kept the audience laughing and not too surprised when Beth shows up in a search boat to pull our heroes out of the water.

The cinematography is spectacular with lush greenery, waterfalls, and volcanic explosions. Bullock spends most of the movie dressed in a sequined purple jumpsuit that looked good through multiple stages of wear and tears, including on a tour through the jungle while escaping pursuers on dirt bikes, a climb up a steep cliff, and an ocean swim, with the equally game Alan trying hard to shake his Fabbio-ish reputation as the movie progresses. If you’re going for the fun of it you won’t be disappointed. Released by Paramount Pictures, The Lost City opens in theatres on Friday.



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