LIVID is a Paris & New York-based quarterly publication which magnifies the fundamental nature of current pop culture. With pictorial illustration, LIVID brings to you the art of fashion, the depth of beauty, and multiplicity of lifestyle inherent in the myriad cultures of the World. We have editors and contributors in ten different countries who trade and live in the fashion capitals of the world, and who are on the front-lines of Style and Substance. LIVID is proud to showcase the work of emerging designers, photographers, artists, movers and doers and highlight them in the global spotlight.



Within each issue, we showcase the splendor, customs, and philosophies of our world. As part of our ongoing commitment and in the realm of global affairs, we will provide insight; promote awareness, and challenge if necessary, those issues affecting our common good in our respective communities. It is our goal to collaborate with other socially conscious organizations to maximize the available resources that focus on the best of us. And we are committed to leaving behind those narrow views based on stereotypes that promote unfair entitlement and egregious prejudice. Our mantra is the social development that promotes social change.


LIVID is aimed at a fashion-conscious demographic, aged between 18-34 years of age. Readers range from fashion designers to inspiring entrepreneurs. As our readers and contributors understand the brand culture and together to promote appreciation of the World’s cultural diversity and the individual’s creativity and genius.