LIVID, headquartered in New York, is a quarterly publication that serves as a compelling lens through which we explore the dynamic tapestry of contemporary pop culture. With an emphasis on visual storytelling, LIVID unravels the artistry of fashion, delves deep into the realm of beauty, and celebrates the diverse lifestyles woven into the fabric of our global community. Our team of editors and contributors spans ten different countries, residing in the epicenters of fashion and culture, shaping and reflecting the frontlines of Style and Substance. LIVID takes immense pride in providing a platform for emerging designers, photographers, artists, and those who make a difference, propelling their work into the global spotlight.


Within the pages of each issue, LIVID serves as a window into the splendor, traditions, and philosophies that define our world. Committed to addressing global concerns, we offer insight, raise awareness, and, when necessary, challenge issues that impact the common good within our respective communities. Our goal is to collaborate with socially conscious organizations, leveraging available resources to champion the best in humanity. We are dedicated to dismantling narrow stereotypes that perpetuate unjust entitlement and prejudice, advocating instead for social development that fosters meaningful social change.


At LIVID, we celebrate culture as the driving force behind profound human connections and thriving communities. It serves as a potent catalyst, transcending borders and boundaries to forge meaningful bonds. Our dedication to showcasing the beauty, traditions, and philosophies of our world stems from the belief that culture isn’t just an identity but the bedrock upon which relationships and communities flourish.

Culture is a vibrant tapestry interwoven with stories, traditions, and values passed down through generations. In these narratives, we find commonalities, shared experiences, and a sense of belonging. Culture acts as a bridge, uniting individuals across backgrounds, fostering enduring connections.

In our mission to promote awareness and challenge stereotypes, we champion diversity, inclusivity, and social equity. LIVID’s core belief lies in appreciating and respecting the richness of cultural diversity. This appreciation paves the way for impactful relationships and thriving communities. It’s our commitment to social development through cultural understanding, and it defines our philosophy.

Through our pages, we inspire readers to explore, appreciate, and celebrate the world’s multifaceted beauty. LIVID is more than a publication; it’s a cultural movement inviting all to embrace culture’s power in shaping our world, nurturing impactful relationships, and fostering vibrant communities.