All submitted images must belong to you or be accompanied by written permission from the originator of the work. All work must be unpublished anywhere else, including but not limited to blogs, on social media/network sites such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Each pictorial story submission must have a minimum of 10 images per submission with a coherent story/theme covering the above-mentioned genres. Unless requested otherwise.

All works (images and copy) must be sent electronically to [email protected] in the following format a 72 dpi, jpeg file; with each page named numerically (e.g.: 1.jpeg, 2.jpeg, and so on), and; must include full copyright information or permission thereof, together with your full name, email address and telephone number attached for our consideration. In the subject line of the email indicate the submission’s title and its contents.

If accepted, when finally submitting approved work, please remit using high-resolution images specification: 300 dpi, jpg, A4 size via a transfer website such as or the like, with all credit details, properly numbered pages, with image numbers corresponding. Please follow these details to the letter as once published, corrections cannot be made.

Work must fit within LIVID Magazine’s style, substance, and standards. Please peruse previous issues for reference.


We accept a wide range of written submissions including celebrity or newsworthy interviews with: designers, artists, musicians, politicians, activists, etc.; Reviews of: music, movies, exhibitions, and social events; Editorials on the newest trends (fashion, electronics, political, cultural), and/or alternative (your opinion) pieces. All written features must be submitted to [email protected] for consideration.

General written policy submissions (stories, alternative pieces, etc)

Writers must provide details and or background information about the piece they are submitting.

Written work must not have been previously published including on blogs or social media/network sites.

Writers must provide details and/or background information about the piece they are submitting. Please note: a website address of the subject is not considered enough background research, quotes must be identified and authenticated, and referential information must be properly footnoted.

An example of previously published work or unpublished work will be required.

If Photographs and/or illustrations accompany the piece, these must follow the above-mentioned guidelines and be provided to us as soon as possible after the submission of the written word and not later than 3 days after said submission. High Res Images for print.


When asked to send or submit images for web content please make sure that your imagery follows the guidelines. If you need assistance on how to make your images fix requirements please reach out to one of the editors to assist you.

Size requirements:
Minimum 400px by 800px
Maximum 800px by 1200px
[PX] pixels [IN] Inches


Posting your approved images online before LIVID magazine is published will result in your images being pulled from the issue, or we will request for you remove them online until after publication.

Submitted images and articles should not have appeared in any other publication, or blog be it print or online. An embargo will be placed upon all content until after publication.

You retain ownership of your images/work, which is your original work. Images sent by a third party should only be by permission of the organization or the individual who is the owner and they must also agree to these terms and conditions By submitting you are granting LIVID Magazine unrestricted non-exclusive right to use it now and in the future.

Images used to become a permanent part of this magazine.

By submitting to LIVID magazine you are indicating that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to them.

You grant LIVID Magazine the right to use your submitted work for promotional use in relation to LIVID Magazine.

Obtaining a pull letter, commissioning letter, or letter of responsibility does not mean we will publish your editorial. We also reserve the right to change the issue your editorial is published in. Any expenses or costs of your shoot are at your own risk; please do not undertake a shoot in our name unless you can afford the loss, should it happen.




Pull letter | commissioning letters are very rarely given out please see in our terms and conditions. We are happy to provide 300dpi quality tear sheets of the LIVID Magazine issue for each person who is published within it upon request.
We have prepared a project planner to get to know your project better.