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A personal assistant that will take care of all your needs – meet Delivering The Hype

A personal assistant that will take care of all your needs – meet Delivering The Hype

Delivering the Hype

Delivering The Hype

Need a highly sort-after garment that is sold out pretty much everywhere? Not a problem. Want a rare sneaker like the upcoming Air Jordan x Dior? Consider it done. These are one of the many services that Delivering The Hype, a London-based luxury concierge service offers its clients. Access to worldwide clientele and connections, the company itself is considered a personal assistant, making anything happen. It was founded by Thomas Gigante and has been run ever since by the CEO, Sonny Adamo, brother of Loris. Together with Mickey (director and executive of the Concierge side) and the rest of the team, they provide their services across the globe, delivering excellent customer service. The website shows how the company offers many services, from luxury holidays to private jets.

However, concierge and reselling have existed for years, but the industry took off with the spread of the Internet. According to research, the global aftermarket of “reselling” sneakers, has overtaken the 2 billion dollar gap, constantly growing higher, reaching what some economists say, will be the 6 billion dollar market by 2025. In addition, Delivering the Hype aims to maintain its position as a front runner and innovator.

Air Jordan X Dior Sneaker
Picture: (the highly anticipated Air Jordan x Dior Sneaker, rumoured to be only around 8500 pairs ever to be produced)

Want to have an extra look of what they do? Visit their website:

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