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Interview with my dad on Father’s Day

Interview with my dad on Father’s Day

Christine Blanchette
Photo: My parents

When Daniel, the founder, and editor of Livid suggested for a Father’s Day post,  I interview my dad about what does Father’s Day mean to him. I paused for a moment and reflected on some of my memorable moments. This wasn’t about me sharing my memories here in this space. It was about him and how he feels about this special day.

He begins by talking about when my mother was alive. “It is not the same anymore for me. Your mom isn’t here anymore. We would spend the day and I would look forward to it.  You kids (the three of us) would be at the house and mom and dad (my grandparents) would be there.  Those were good memories!”

Every Father’s Day, my dad spends time at the graveyard and thinks of good times when the whole family was together.

“Mother’s Day was always better for me.  I would do something for mom,” he says. He thinks fondly of the gold necklace that my mom bought for him on Father’s Day.

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This year and for the past few years, my dad has been spending the day with my two brothers and a call from me. Memories of loved ones are always remembered especially on special days.

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