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Ten tips to apply daily for an active schedule

Ten tips to apply daily for an active schedule

  • Find ways to improve your productivity.
  • Manage time to your strengths.
  • Establish a balance in your daily ops.
ten tips on productivity article

A Few Of My Daily Tips

An active schedule and lifestyle is no easy task to manage. Whether if you work from home or office, the key to a productive day is balance within the daily operations.

  1. Get up two hours earlierNow most of you would say how can I wake up two hours earlier than usual?! Well, in most cases, if you aren’t waking up at 5 am, then you can push yourself a bit early or at least one hour before your typical 7 or 8 am alarm time. The tip allows time for a few of my faves: Morning Meditation, Prayer, Writing, or Enjoying breakfast with no distractions.
  2. Do the most important thing in the morning In the morning, I figure out what is going to take the longest or most brainpower and strategize a plan of attack. As a result, smaller tasks that could be completed within an hour, you should schedule close to the end of the day as you wind down for the evening.
  3. Focus on your progress, but the not only outcome – When establishing anything, the journey takes place before the final results. Do not expect everything to be instant. Identify what works and what doesn’t! Create, create, and create!
  4. Stop complaining about not having enough time – We make time for the things we want in life, sometimes we are just plain lazy. Or make excused on why we binge-watch tv vs. writing a business plan.
  5. Take time to plan and prioritize – Listen, why are you rushing? Oh, because maybe you are comparing yourself to someone else… Allow time to plan and prioritize to build a foundation.

My Top Five Tips

  1. Focus on minutes, not hours – Very important to look at how you are using your minutes, as some projects may not need a full hour or two to complete. Maximize your productivity.
  2. Avoid multitasking-  Only if it isn’t a part of priority tasks. Cut out all of the background noise and work and complete the job.
  3. Set routines that will free up your brainpower – Most days can vary depending on a new client, a continuing project, or web updates in my case. Therefore, do not burn yourself out and forget to take breaks. I schedule breaks in my calendar to allow for breathers with something that is the complete opposite of the current task. Example: If I am coding my break would be sketching or going for a walk by the beach. Find out what works for you and then do that.
  4. Let go of imperfections and kickstart anyway – Listen, not everything is going to be perfect first go around. However, that should never be a deterrent to you starting in the first place. Life is about making mistakes; the key is what did you learn from it, how to move on from it.
  5. Leave some free time in your schedule – Balance is critical if you work so hard and never in enjoying your fruits of labor then what’s the point? All work and no play is never fun nor healthy. Free time can mean anything: Exercise, take a nap, be social with colleagues, out to happy hour with friends, or seeing a movie there is no limit. Make time for YOU!


Bonus Tip

Make sure that you are eating healthy throughout the day. In other wordsyou can develop postprandial somnolence, which most people call “the itis.” 


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