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Karl Lagerfeld Kids Premieres worldwide on

Karl Lagerfeld Kids Premieres worldwide on

Daniel Watson


Fashion’s superhero for Nathalie Christen-Genty, CEO-Founder of

Every age has its heroes. Growing up, my superheroes were fashion’s stars: designers and their muses, artists and top models. Looking at fashion was like discovering another world governed by aesthetic choices and provocation, sensitivity and a free spirit. I used to tape fashion shows and watch them, over and over, after school and before homework. Chanel was always my favorite. The final exit was like an apparition – as the bride, with her allure and her smile, Claudia Schiffer seemed almost unreal. It was like traveling into an enhanced version of the real world.

The world has changed since then. Videotapes have evaporated into the Cloud. Always just a click away, fashion has become more accessible: we follow its stars and discover their creations by the minute, whenever and wherever we wish. The one person who hasn’t changed is Karl — ever regal, a designer of quiet strength and an aura of genius. A passionate reader and compulsive observer, he tirelessly offers up new creations, widening the field of captivating, desirable possibilities.

Everyone knows who Karl Lagerfeld is. He is fashion’s superhero with the critical eye and quicksilver wit, accompanied by his loyal sidekick Choupette, the star Birmanian with tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Karl wields his curiosity and talent as sharply as the Musketeer d’Artagnan did his sword. He keeps it simple and free and does only what he feels like doing. He also says what he thinks, whether anyone likes it or not. In short: Karl is unique.

Today, Melijoe is delighted to host the worldwide preview of Karl Lagerfeld Kids, the designer’s first children’s collection in black, white, and rock. Choupette is here, too: as the event’s guest star, she’s busy enlivening the site and singling out her favorite pieces in a series of animated appearances.

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Once again, our superhero has set out to conquer a new generation. Perhaps that’s the secret to his talent: he moved us when we were young. Today, he’s still at it. Surely that makes him the greatest superhero of all! For more information check out


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