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What I wasn’t Taught in School

What I wasn’t Taught in School

Daniel Watson


Disillusioned student Samuel King relays his grievances to his teacher that Black History Month isn’t taught with as much depth and with as much pride in schools.

Samuel engages in a short rebuttal with his teacher, before arguing that education in school does little to satisfy his thirst for knowledge of influential people in Black history who seem to be elusive in the curriculum.

There seems to be a lot you haven’t told us, and you shut down and hold back on the bold ones who stand against the way you’re trying to mold us


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Music –

“Touching Moments Three – Deeper” & “Reawakening” Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Produced and Directed by Word On The Curb

Assistant Producer Ify Osi


Samuel King Samuel, Katrina Smith Jackson- Teacher, Malakai Sergeant, Javier Garcia, Theresa Lola, Stephanie Riley, Sami Missous Dami Fajobi, Elliot Hay, Jardon Virgo, Rose Winter, Theresa Ita, Anas Himedan, Ziko Thompson


Ivy Osi & FizzYcaL


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