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UpClose with Vanessa Elston Energy Worker

UpClose with Vanessa Elston Energy Worker

Daniel Watson
Vanessa Elston Energy Worker

Connecting with the Community to Promote Energy Healing and Spiritual Growth.

Tell us about you and your journey to wellness.

Since childhood, I have known that we had several healers in our family. Many years ago my aunt warned me not to ignore my gift, or it would shout for attention. During my thirty-year career in sales and marketing, I have been involved in fashion, interior design, and cosmetics worldwide.  In the business world, “that hippie stuff” wasn’t discussed, so I ignored it. 

I met my teacher Sophia Noelle through a strange set of connections when I was struck down with arthritis and desperate for a cure. My whole life has been about achieving goals and enjoying business success. Suddenly I was unable to get out of bed, I couldn’t walk or even hold a cup. After one energy-healing session with Sophia, I could brush my hair and sit comfortably. After five sessions, I was able to walk again, ride a horse and get back to everyday life and for this gift of renewed health, I will be forever grateful. 

Whilst working together, Sophia I realized we had a natural bond as if we’d been friends for years. Although learning vibrational energy healing was an intensive process, it felt as natural to me as riding a bike. I then became one of the few elite students of Sophia’s Energy Mastery program and, learned how to access the fifth dimension and transcend beyond the light grid. What does that mean? I can manifest at speed and I can read people’s past and present lives and situations. I can also access universal information whenever I need help or guidance.

Having consumed this consciousness rapidly, I realized I was ready to step into my destiny. I became evangelical about sharing this knowledge and healing with the world. Coming from a business background has allowed me to strip away all the unnecessary elements that many healers include to create theatre and drama. I practice a straightforward approach that delivers transformation at warp speed for my clients.

Vanessa Elston Energy Worker

What is an Energy Worker & Spiritual Healer?

It’s beyond being intuitive, I have the ability to access a person’s aura often referred to in quantum physics as the morphogenic field, and identify negative energetic blocks associated with past trauma and experiences which have scarred my clients’ energy field. This negative energy is what is keeping my clients trapped in unhappiness. I then tap into this negative energy and I clear it. This allows the space to be created where vital force energy can enter. This is the stuff most people have experienced at some point in their life, the days when you feel like a rock star, a state of flow where anything seems possible and serendipity just knocks unexpectedly on your door. After a healing session, my clients feel lighter, free of past shame and guilt, and optimistic about the future. Their vibrational frequency has been raised and their life will begin to improve on a daily basis.

With your healing journey, how has transformed you as an individual?

I am so much happier. People come and see me, and I can see the change in real time it’s the most rewarding work I have ever done. Because my clients are all over the world most of my sessions are held on Zoom. Once a month I hold space for ‘in-person sessions at BodyWorks West in Nottinghill, London. Last month I saw a number of women in the film industry. Stunning women had to battle in their careers to be better than their male counterparts to reach their status. All of them had really low self-esteem, they don’t think that they are beautiful, and constantly battle with imposter syndrome, it’s just unbelievable, these women are gorgeous, amazing forces of nature, and really talented individuals. During my sessions with them, I was able to identify the route of their problems, the events, and the trauma in their past, that were keeping them stuck in a state of insecurity and lacking in confidence.

The next day I had a raft of messages from them saying how they felt lighter, happier, and more confident about standing up for themselves. I have always said it’s tough working in male-dominated industries but it’s not about aggression but about standing tall and speaking your truth and values authentically. And not thinking, oh God, I shouldn’t have said that because that actor is really famous, they are just people who without the support of talented people would be nothing. I have always said it’s not about aggression it’s about using calm feminine power to be heard and that’s why I believe that I am good at my job I encourage everyone to be brave and fearless. At the end of the day will you stop breathing because you’ve said what you think?

Within the entertainment business, you will encounter quite a bit of ego. How do you work around that regardless of the star power? That walls have been placed up, yet they want help from you—what’s the workaround?

I have encountered many celebrities in the past working in the fashion business so I am rarely star-struck. When I worked at Harrods we had a company rule that no matter how famous our customers were, we had to pretend that we had no idea who they were so that they could enjoy a normal shopping experience. So I never really buy into that do you know who I am attitude. Let us have a reality check here, you may be talented but you’re famous because of all the people who support you and you’d be nothing without your fans.

I see through all of that, at the end of the day they are just the same as everyone else,  little children trying to find their way and deal with the past. During a session, they will probably cry, as we clear the negative energy, and like everyone else, they are in need of genuine empathy and a big hug. That’s the part I love, particularly the tough ones, often when this happens they physically tighten up, and I say I’m just hugging you and  I don’t want anything from you. Then you can feel them relax in my arms, and that’s when they realize that they are in a safe space and it’s just kind of human contact. 

One client, in particular, calls me the “Gangster Healer” he’s a young guy out of San Diego. He says, “but this, but that, but the other,” and I tell him you’re full of excuses – you say you want to shift, get fit and improve your life then we do the work, and then you no take action. I told him don’t waste my time if you’re too lazy to do the work, just buy yourself a ton of crispy fried doughnuts and stay fat and unhappy. The client said you are a really harsh healer and you know what in a way I am. I told him, I could be ruthless and just continue to take his money, but I am authentic I want him to shift into a better life. I could be saying, ” Oh, we need another six months’ worth of work, ” I am always truthful because I want my clients to get better. I want my clients to improve quickly and to be living their best life so that I can move on to the next person who needs my help. 

Vanessa Elston Energy Worker

So you mentioned how your client called you the “Gangster Healer” just curious to know which one of your services/ offerings you were offering him. Then go into the rest of your offerings. ( Vibrational Energy Healing + Vibrational Energy Healing And Akashic Records Reading

We were doing Vibrational Energy Healing for Greater Confidence. He is a young man who struggles with anxiety in most social situations. He overeats really bad junk food and watches too much TV and doesn’t exercise enough. He would love the companionship of a girlfriend but finds it very difficult to go out and meet women. Wallowing in self-pity and victimhood he made every excuse for not taking any steps toward his goal. So I think when people are like that, you have to slap them in the face with words to get them to see that they have the power within themselves and that only they can shift their situation by taking action. I can heal past trauma but change requires action.

The law of attraction is about being clear and precise about what you want or as I say what you have a taste for, but if you don’t take any action, none of it will happen. You could be meditating your arse off for the next ten years, and if you don’t take the necessary action nothing will improve. You have to be moving forward to get what you want, so I have to be direct with them to make them hear and understand the way that the universe works. 

How can vibrational energy healing help?

Vibrational Energy Healing can be used for many physical issues and emotional-related problems. At the moment, I am seeing a few clients that are experiencing overwhelming anxiety and burnout. They are exhausted and it doesn’t matter how much they sleep, they never feel refreshed.  They may stop being enthusiastic about a job they once loved, their relationships can suffer because of their inner struggles with stress, and they may be drinking excessively or taking drugs as a means of escape. Everything is imploding and exploding, and in the middle is a miserable person who is on the floor and feels unable to get up again without my help. I also see people with post-traumatic stress disorder, our incredible service women and men affected by war. They have seen horrific things and are often haunted by them. I can’t change the past but my job is to make it not matter.

I also see a lot of very successful people who have suffered violence and sexual abuse during their childhoods. They have often used this experience to propel their careers, filling every day with excessive work schedules as a way of dealing with it, but there comes a point when they have to stop running away from it. By clearing the negative energy attached to their history they are able to move forward and away from the shame and guilt which has haunted and dogged their lives for years.

Regaining control of your diet. “Why are you shoving those doughnuts down your neck?” What’s at the base of the problem overeating is the same as under-eating, it’s all an emotional response to make the person in control and feel better about themselves. At the end of the day, they are unhappy and desperate for a cure.

Vanessa Elston Energy Worker

What is Archetype Dating?

Architype Dating is for anyone who is brokenhearted and who is struggling to move on from a past relationship. The first stage is to get some deep healing and get back to having an open heart. Removing resentment, shame, or anger (all very heavy energies) around the past relationship and getting to a stage where you are confident and ready to go out dating again. Following several healing sessions, I would do an Akashic Records Reading. We are all made up of eight energy centers in different percentages which create your individual divine soul blueprint, who you really are at a soul level. 

Most people will have three energy centers that are prevalent, these denote how you will receive creative vital force energy, when you are in alignment with your Divine soul blueprint you will receive all of your Divine gifts that will bring benefits and joy into your life. For instance, if your number one energy center is Divine communication, you may love words, or photography, painting, or filmmaking. When you are aware of your gifts and can tune into their power you will move into alignment and reap the rewards of living the life that best suits you. Very often this is a game changer for people who have been in the wrong job or wrong relationships. I had a client who was a really successful stockbroker, he had always wanted to paint but because of his family’s expectations, he had been encouraged into finance. Once aware of who he really was he started painting and now lives a happy life as a successful artist, he has found the right partner with a similar soul blueprint and he says that he finally feels that his life is complete.

If you were to go out on a date and you were unaware of your gifts, you might be attracted to the wrong person, For instance, you might meet somebody who is fabulously good-looking and who on the surface ticks all the boxes. However if you are a creative soul and you partner with an accountant, who loves the control and order of numbers that is probably not going to work for you. Once you are aware of who you are you can make the right choices in relationships and take the right dating options armed with this knowledge you will quickly realize that this person is not suitable for you, and you should be swiping right. Once you understand how your eight energy centers line up you can devise questions to ask before you go on a date and edit out any unsuitable types, rather than wasting your time with people who will never work out for you.

The other part is a lot of people don’t know what real love is. If they have always had bad examples of love, bad family love, and narcissistic love, they can attract what they think is love into their lives and repeat the same patterns over and over again attracting the same negative types into their lives. It’s about understanding what true love looks like and how the love on offer fits with your values. If you are unaware of what your values are, you can’t be your authentic self so how can you possibly meet a partner who will align with you and give you the love and support that’s right for you?

Tell us about MindMix Global.

MindMix is a set of meditations that I created for times of stress and worry. Life is difficult for many people right now and I wanted to do something to help. It’s not cheap to see me, and I can only see one person at a time. These meditations are a way of using my gift to reach as many people as possible. I met Chris Kabs, a music artist and producer on the Clubhouse App. The Clubhouse room we were in was sadly discussing the rise in suicide rates amongst young people and in particular men over forty. Chris had created the music for the hit UK TV show Normal people and I had found it very moving with an energy that resonated and evoked an emotional engagement with the story and I wanted to work with him.

Sadly, we had both experienced suicides in our circle of friends, and a collaboration was born to create a tool kit of meditations in an effort to reach people that may be slipping into this level of desperation, if I reach one person and stop them taking their own life I’ve made a difference. I have experienced the trauma of divorce and the loss of the family business and I know what that feels like, to be depressed and how it feels to wake up every morning feeling hopeless and lost in a fog of never-ending despair. It’s like being stuck in a treacle of misery unable to move. That was a long time ago and my role is to help people shift out of this state quickly and effectively.

Mindmix is a set of three mediations to get you to shift into another gear. There is a daily meditation to start your day on a good foot. A nightly meditation to help to calm your mind and enable regenerative sleep is not easy when your mind is full of worry and fear. There is also a panic attack meditation for when you don’t think your legs will no longer hold you, your hands are sweating, and you feel like you can’t breathe. This one allows you to create a space where you can calm down and remove yourself from the trigger point. A space where you can step back and regain control so that when you come out of the meditation you can deal with the situation calmly and effectively. Chris composted a piano backtrack that is calm and smooth and infused with positive hertz frequencies which will assist in bringing you back into a harmonious state.

I’m not a magician with a wand, it’s not an instant cure, but when you listen to this form of meditation, regularly it will start to lift your vibration and set your frequency at a higher level. Raising your vibrational frequency will help to lift you out of anxiety and depression and into a new state of confidence and optimism. It’s important to realize that all the challenges you’re currently facing are transitory and will help to shape and bolster your inner strength for the future. Having made it out of depression and into a glorious life I know it is possible. I will be launching these meditations this month as my gift to everyone who needs help right now.

Vanessa Elston Energy Worker

What’s next for you?

I am working with the inventor of Quantum Lifespring, this is a new technology that harnesses quantum resonance to restructure the water. All humans are 80% water and it is vital to our survival without it we will die. A 25-year study has just been published which highlights that poor hydration is innately linked to early aging and chronic disease. Having the ability to restructure and revitalize the water we drink means greater hydration and as a result, improved health and well-being. 

We also have a collection of quantum vitamin sprays which deliver vitamins straight into your bloodstream seven times faster than a standard vitamin tablet, when sprayed onto the tongue. Unlike most standard vitamin tablets, 80%-90% of this product is retained in your system to boost your immune system and invigorate your body,  instead of 70-80% going down the toilet as with the usual vitamin tablet offerings. I have been using this technology for three months now and my health and well-being have improved dramatically. I suffer from arthritis in the UK’s cold and damp environment and this product has stopped my joints swelling and removed the pain which usually hinders my movement. No other conventional drug or treatment has ever achieved this for me.

Quantum Lifespring will be launching in mid-January with a complete quantum lifestyle offer that will change your life! We have partnered with Stackpack Media and sports coach Micha Levi Clark to bring these amazing products to market. Watch this space, this is the next generation of well-being and there is nothing like it on the market! 


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