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Day 4 of Wellness Week: Cleanse-your mind and space

Day 4 of Wellness Week: Cleanse-your mind and space

Heather Perry

Maintaining a clean and organized space can positively impact your mental health. On the other hand, if our homes are cluttered and disorganized, it can negatively affect our ability to focus and be productive. Cleansing our space cleanses our minds.

There’s no place like home.

Feeling stressed or chaotic? Want to feel more relaxed and organized? A great place to begin is at home. One great way to do this is to make it a routine to do a deep clean. I prefer to do this on Sundays to start the new week with a clean, fresh, and organized space. Beginning the week this way sets up for an easy start to the week, making everything else fall into place that much better.

A weekly deep clean can help you maintain control and create a calm environment to help you tackle your tasks and week with ease. Think of it as if you’re expecting guests; treat your cleaning day with the same importance as you would if you were having company over.

Out with the old

Another way to feel more organized is to rid your space of any clutter or items you no longer need. It’s easy to hold on to things, but letting go can be incredibly freeing. Detoxing your space also frees up space in your mind. So, take the time to declutter and be amazed at how much more relaxed and productive you’ll feel. Start your week off with a clean, organized home and feel the positive impact on your mental health.

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Your home and your mind are your sanctuary, so treat them with the utmost respect.

If you’re just joining begin your wellness week here.

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