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54D Is The New Top-tier Workout Program

54D Is The New Top-tier Workout Program


54D Is The New Top-tier Workout Program To Achieve Your Fitness Goals For 2023

Have you ever wondered why a six-pack eludes you no matter how many crunches you do?

Well,  54D, is the new fitness studio and program in town that makes sure you hit those goals. Although it just landed in the city, the program is 10 years in the making.

If you ever wondered what life would be like with your trainer and nutritionist, the 54D workout program can get your rear into Halle Berry’s fighting physique with dedicated goal-minded training. Once you sign up for the nine-week program, you sign up for a transformation.

Training, nutrition, and recovery.

But there is a catch to this program; you can’t quit. Here’s why:

“We have always been a catalyst for transformation. We conceive techniques to train the mind and body and prepare our community (or participants) to break limits to achieve results,” said Rodrigo Garduño, Founder and creator of 54D.

This trains and reprograms your mind and body!

What exactly is 54D? It’s officially described as a fully immersive program that trains its participants, similar to a pro soccer training workout with lots of running.

 (If you like that), cycling, strength training, and stretching. You can even try partner moves as your nutritionist and coach guide you.

Members of 54D thrive on their intense workouts.

Here’s an example of your week

  1. Nine weeks of onsite training (Mon-Sat).
  2. Weekly sessions with an onsite nutritionist.
  3. Physical measurements to help you track your progress.
  4. Weekly recovery therapy sessions.
  5. Four onsite cycles yearly. No cycles during the summer

Garduno, founder, and creator became a meta hero during the pandemic inspiring millions to keep moving, which grew his following to over 16 million fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Bringing 54D Manhattan to NYC was the perfect opportunity. The new studio is located at 125 West 25th Street in the Flatiron district. Members can keep up with their programs online at 54D ON or in New York, Miami, Mexico, and Colombia studios.

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The experience.

I was invited with at least ten other men and women to the first round of media classes. My workout routine includes yoga, boxing, cycling, and strength training. I found this workout to be excellent.

Meaning for those looking to get their behinds handed to them every workout, this is it. If you want to see progress fast, this is it.

In an hour, I accomplished more than I have all year. However, while running a lap during my delirium, I began to find my breath, as yogis say. Did I mention that I am not a runner? Put me on a bike and we can go for hours, but running has never been my forte. But I learned that you can keep pushing through anything once you find a comfortable pace. And maybe this is what Garduno wants us all to discover for ourselves.

For more information about 54D workout programs check out the website here.

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