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John’s take on growing a beard during COVID-19

John’s take on growing a beard during COVID-19

John loving New York from Canada’s Westcoast

John’s take on growing a beard during a pandemic

Did I like my husband’s beard at first? My initial reaction was kind of like disgust slowly morphing into horror but it eventually grew on me (no pun intended). As John started growing his beard he kept it trimmed and began to look more distinguished. Now I think he suits it, although I wouldn’t try to stop him from shaving it off.

Here is John’s explanation for growing a beard:
Why have I chosen to grow a beard?
It took a pandemic and consequential semi-isolation to get me thinking about putting my razor on waivers. Back in the day when I wore a much younger man’s bellbottom pants and platform shoes, my hair and beard bore a youthful shade of brown, which I kept long, though neatly trimmed. Fast forward about 35 years, I stopped working my post retirement part-time job in March and realized that the timing was perfect for a respite from daily shaving.

Having a small Covid-19 bubble equates to smaller negative impact towards my beard, which, incidentally is the same grayish shade of white as the rest of my head and which I instinctively keep short and neatly trimmed. Preventing my beard from looking haggard takes the same amount of time as shaving, except trimming is only every few days. Cleaning is easy, just re-route a bit of shampoo in the shower. I keep it short and so far the positive endorsements have outnumbered the negative by about 5-2 from those cornered and pressed for comment. On another important (insert laugh track) note, my beard is short enough to render as insignificant my ability to wear a mask during these times. The mask essentially covers all evidence of my beard so it’s still mostly a well-kept secret.

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