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Wander & Lust: Our Historical Stay in Mexico City

Wander & Lust: Our Historical Stay in Mexico City

Heather Perry
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Follow our editor Heather and her boyfriend Carlos as they wander and lust after each other, new adventures, and through the gorgeous country of Mexico. Check out their previous adventure to Sayulita here. 

Having separately rendezvoused with Mexico City, we thought it seductive to experience this ciudad together. Our shared infatuation with this metropolis solidified it as our next stop. The city’s major must-sees and to-dos were checked off our lists from previous jaunts, leaving us to our own devices. This freedom presented the perfect opportunity to sink in and get to know this city we’re crushing on more intimately. The only planning that took place was where to lay our pretty little heads.


From large luxury hotels to small artsy boutique stays, Mexico City offers up a multitude of options. Choosing where to stay is quite complicated, in a too many superb choices kind of way. We were craving something unique and historic, confident that Mexico City would serve up both on a silver platter.

Stumbling upon a manor built in the 1500s we knew we struck gold. Casa de la Luz, meaning house of the light, has an intense history along with impressive original architecture. Looking at photos online and reading about the exceptional service forced the booking, however, did no justice nor prepared us for what we were about to walk into.

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Upon our late night arrival, Abraham, an extremely knowledgeable and swift concierge, greeted us. After having luggage sent to our quarters a tour of the premises commenced, history lesson included. Our jaws dropped the entire way, if not throughout our entire stay.

We learned:

  • The manor was built in the 1500s by Spanish conquistadors.
  • The history ties back to Hernan Cortes known for conquering the Aztecs and claiming Mexico for Spain.
  • Was once a maternity hospital
  • Pregnant women are considered to be of the light, hence the name Casa de la Luz.
  • We had picked the perfect place to stay.

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Casa de la Luz sits in one of the most historical areas of Mexico City, El Centro. A neighborhood composed of 700 blocks of history, making it a UNESCO Heritage Site. Seven centuries of Mexican history hold a place within this historic center built over the ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. Casa de la Luz itself is deemed a historical monument and protected by the nation, so here we are.

This manor represents 16th-century architecture built while Mexico was under Spanish rule. Paying attention to every nook and cranny of this magnificent space, our eyes spied exposed stone and brick walls, arched doorways, and intricately tiled floors and windowsills. Indoor courtyards, wrought iron lined stairways, and minimal mid-century furniture filled the space.

historic architecture Mexico city

Our stay was made complete by the attentive and welcoming staff that went above and beyond, defining excellent service. Mornings greeted us with a menu the chef created for our vegan taste buds. Fresh green juices, fruit plates sprinkled with granola, mushroom nopales quesadillas, and almond milk lattes got us fueled to head out and get lost in the city streets. Nights began in the foyer along with a private bartender and his table of tools resembling a science experiment. He gracefully whipped together an oxblood hued, mezcal infused cocktail. He topped it off with fresh rosemary, dried hibiscus, and a lime-y mixture of crickets and spices that lined the rim of the glass. An experiment that tasted like a dream and resulted in a mezcal induced daze that sent us floating off to our dinner reservation.

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Not sure if it was the magic of all the mezcal, our stay at Casa de la Luz, this phenomenal city, or all of the above, but we got love drunk. This experience left us hungover in love, anticipating our return affair with this magical and historical place.

Con Amor,

H + C 💋



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