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Irish Actor Florence Ordesh Shares Latest TV Role and Fitness Regime

Irish Actor Florence Ordesh Shares Latest TV Role and Fitness Regime

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Actor Florence Ordesh Shares Fitness Tips

Florence Ordesh

Meet Florence Ordesh, an established Irish actor who shares here in a Q&A her latest role in the TV series Departure as well as her fitness regime.

What attracted you to the leading role as Rose Tait in the Departure TV Series?

I really enjoyed season 1 of the show, and there was an incredible cast attached, the late Christopher Plummer, Archie Panjabi, Kris Holden-Ried, Wendy Crewson, and fellow Irish actor Jason O’Mara for season 2. The character of Rose Tate was nothing like I’d ever played before so it was an exciting opportunity to do something very different.

Note: “Departure is a six-part event series that follows the investigation into the derailment of an experimental high-speed train.” (The Promotion People press release)

How did you prepare for this role?

Usually I would look for similarities between myself and the character I’m playing, which would help me put myself in their shoes. With this role, however, there were so few real similarities it made it difficult to take that approach in my initial prep. Instead, I took a more psychological approach, digging into the character’s past and building my own story around her which allowed me to understand and relate more to her mental and emotional state and giving her a relatable reason for why she would make the decisions that she does.

What did you like most about your role?

Since I played such a complicated character, the director gave me a lot of freedom to go as far as I wanted with her, and I really enjoyed that creative freedom.

What was it like working with the late great actor Christopher Plummer?

Due to the pandemic, and how the story was framed, I didn’t work directly with Mr. Plummer. I am however, honoured to have had the chance to work in the same production.

How do you maintain your stamina for being on set?

I always have a little nervous energy before a shoot that carry’s me through, but I also try to get a good night sleep and eat really well. It’s tempting to turn to coffee for that boost of energy, but I try to have one cup maximum during the day to avoid any lulls and dehydration. I love coffee and I look forward to it in the morning, but then I’ll stick to water and herbal tea for the rest of the day. I love to eat raw energy bars with dates and nuts as a snack – I make sure to bring my own because you never know what food is going to be on the craft table. I find that a mixture of a good night sleep, staying hydrated and eating healthy generally gives me all the energy I need.

Can you share your fitness tips and do you have a favorite dish?

I like to do a strenuous workout every second day. I will do a mix of running, rowing and light weights in the gym for an hour. The days that I’m not in the gym I will do about 20 minutes of yoga at home instead. I find that works really well for me. Getting my heart rate up a few times a week through exercise really helps me focus during the day, reduces any stress and just helps me feel better.

In terms of my favourite dish. That’s a tough one. I’m a big foodie, the first thing I do when I go to a new city is put together a hot list of all the best restaurants that I want to go to. I love all kinds of food, as long as it’s vegan :). You can never go wrong with comfort food like a great plant based lasagna, I also love sushi, curries, Italian and Mexican food – it’s impossible to pick, and now I’m hungry!

Do you have a self-care tip?

For me, the number one thing would be exercise and/or yoga every day. Exercising can increase levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain and if I miss it for a week or more I can feel the difference in my humour and focus, and even my sleep. I also really like taking time for myself once or twice a week, going for a long walk or visiting a farmers market on my own, and just taking time for myself to recharge.

What is next for you?

I have a film in development. It’s a jailbreak movie where I will play the lead protagonist.





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