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Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Gyunel Couture For Haute Couture Paris FW

Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Gyunel Couture For Haute Couture Paris FW

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Gods and Goddesses

The collection was inspired by various classical history scenes and wonders of the ancient world, which the Creative Director grew to favor through her father’s love for mythology. True to Maison’s canvas-to-image process, Gyunel painted gods and goddesses living in serenity in floating futuristic buildings with solar panels and surreal floral waterfalls high up in the skies.

“I painted the human-bodied creatures in white to match the clouds while creating a translucent spirit feeling”, describes Gyunel.

Juxtaposed on the pièce de résistance sits earth with surreal cherub and gargoyle waterspouts as waterfalls and mountains in tranquility matching the hanging gardens above within Gyunel’s sphere of fantasy. There is an ombré transition from light to dark mint skies between the two parts, while for the sake of levitation, per Gyunel’s original painting, the few panels of which the namesake triptych gown consists are hanging on Swarovski crystal tasseled suspensions.


Editorial Credits: Gyunel Couture
Photography: Davide Sometti
Hair & Make-up: Bryony O’Dame
Talent: Anastasija Ivanova, Charlotte Roffey, Jessica Pain, Phoebe Summer, Toma Lefert, Vick (Profile Model Management) Social Media:  @gyunel, hashtag: #gyunelcouture

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