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NYU Stern Consumer Behavior Class: Pioneering Diversity in Fashion

NYU Stern Consumer Behavior Class: Pioneering Diversity in Fashion

Daniel Watson
NYU Stern Consumer Behavior Class Panel

Exploring Fashion’s Future with Industry Leaders at NYU Stern

New York University Stern, renowned for its exceptional alumni and top-tier business programs, consistently sets the standard for excellence. The marketing department, in particular, stands out as one of the nation’s finest, offering courses that not only cultivate theoretical concepts but also provide a platform to apply them in the real world. With an eye on innovation, the upperclassmen at NYU Stern have set their sights on ushering fresh talent into the ever-evolving fashion industry, which constantly hungers for the next big thing. As New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 recently concluded, it’s only natural to celebrate the designers of the season and anticipate what the future holds.

The marketing upperclassmen team at NYU Stern, comprising Betul Gulec, Jason Li, Mahrukh Shaikh, Shaindel Brodie, and Cecilia Chen, has a track record of organizing and hosting groundbreaking NYFW shows at NYU Stern.

Leading the charge in conversations and activations related to NYFW and fashion professionals is Dr. Ngoc Pham, a Professor of Business at NYU Stern. This week, Dr. Ngoc Pham kicked off her Consumer Behavior Class with a remarkable panel discussion featuring Fashion Designer Dashawn “Kenzo” Mckenzie, Actor Sergio Delavicci, LIVID Magazine CEO Daniel Watson, Goode Fashion Institute’s ZhaQ, Producer, Nofy Inman, and Beautiful Amore Skincare‘s Amerrah and Yasir. The panel delved into discussions on fashion diversity, inclusion, the inspiration behind brand creation, and entrepreneurship.

During the panel discussion, Dr. Ngoc Pham and the esteemed guests engaged in a thought-provoking exchange on the pivotal topics of diversity, inclusion, and entrepreneurship within the fashion industry. They emphasized the critical role that open and inclusive conversations play in driving positive change. The panel explored how embracing diversity not only fosters creativity but also reflects the diverse world we live in, making it a business imperative. Furthermore, the discussion shed light on how inclusion is not merely a buzzword but a fundamental aspect of a thriving and dynamic fashion landscape. Entrepreneurship in the fashion world was also highlighted as a means to break barriers and provide opportunities for fresh, innovative voices to be heard. This multifaceted conversation underscores the significance of these topics in shaping the future of the fashion industry.

In pondering the future of Fashion Week, students presented their vision for a cause that resonates with the upcoming NYFW season, all while being evaluated by experts from the fashion industry and Deputy Chair of the Department of Marketing, Dr. Russell Winer. These students skillfully applied the knowledge gleaned from Dr. Ngoc Pham’s 14 chapters of the Consumer Behavior course at Stern to develop innovative marketing strategies. The diverse organizing team, guest speakers, and the student body’s talented and multifaceted nature exemplify the demand for diversity in the industry, showcasing NYU’s commitment to excellence.

“The event at NYU was absolutely polarizing,” said Nofy Inman from the Goode Fashion Institute. “From the model casting featuring NYFW veterans, the marketing competition, to the panel discussion where NYU students asked us insightful questions about the industry, I am filled with joy that the alumni put together such a seamless program.”

NYU Stern Class
The student models from the Consumer Behavior Class Led By Dr. Ngoc Pham

The upperclassmen Marketing team at NYU Stern eagerly anticipates hosting more student-driven events for the professional fashion industry later in 2023. Stay tuned for more exciting developments.

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