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His Beast – Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

His Beast – Valentine’s Day Gift Guide



Whoever said that men couldn’t smell fresh yet still be masculine? Treat yo-self bro and make some homemade gin in the process.

1 W&P HOMEMADE GIN KIT Contains everything you need to transform generic vodka into your own unique and homemade gin in 36 hours. $50.

2 CLASSIC RIDING GLOVES BY GRIFTER Made of premium deerskin and bison leather, and made in the USA.$86.

3 CALVIN KLEIN BEANIE & BRIEFS Made of luxe merino wool for an extra cozy feel and Classic style boxer briefs made of comfortable cotton with logo label on waistband. $30.

4 THE NOBLE SERIES BERGAMOT AND TEAK SOY CANDLE BY MAN READY MERCANTILE This candle is made using a reusable whiskey glass and notes of teakwood, citrus, and tobacco. Made with all-natural essential oil and soy for clean-burning, this candle lasts for 40 hours. $28.

5 MACREADY MERCANTILE DAILY WASH Made from high-grade essential oils, this all in one formula is clean and refreshing. $28.

6 BEARD OIL TRAVEL PACK Each pack contains samples of five of their classic beard oil scents $30.

7 SOLID COLOGNE BY FULTON & ROARKE Highly concentrated wax fragrance that is long-lasting, made with naturally sourced essential oils and premium fragrance ingredients. $42.

8 PALO SANTO BEARD AND FACE OIL Lightweight and all plant-based, this nourishing oil moisturizes your skin and fights off bacteria and inflammation. $40.

9 BARISTA BEARD OIL Made with quality ingredients, this oil has notes of roasted coffee, pine, and dark chocolate. $35.

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10 SIMPLY VANILLA BEARD BALM Use to keep longer and wilder beards in check using lanolin, beeswax and shea butter with a complex vanilla scent. $26.

11 PALO SANTO HAND SALVE Effective and all-natural daily moisturizer for dry, cracked and rough hands. $9.

12 BARBERSHOP MATTE HAIR CLAY Made with kaolin and bentonite clay, this pomade is suited for hair types of all kinds. $22.


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