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Unveiling the World Natural Hair, Health, Beauty Expo with Taliah Waajid

Unveiling the World Natural Hair, Health, Beauty Expo with Taliah Waajid

Daniel Watson
The Natural Hair Show 2024

A 4-Day Celebration of Natural Beauty, Empowerment, and Community

Discover the pinnacle of natural beauty celebration at the World Natural Hair, Health, Beauty Expo, a 4-day extravaganza masterfully curated by Taliah Waajid. This unique event, blending consumer and professional dimensions, stands as a testament to the empowerment inherent in embracing natural beauty. Let’s dive into the highlights awaiting attendees during this transformative celebration.

A Multifaceted Experience

The Expo unfolds with the Women of Color in Business Summit on Thursday, April 25, setting the stage for empowering discussions and insights. Friday takes center stage with the prestigious Award of Natural Excellence Gala (AONE), recognizing outstanding contributions to the natural hair community. The weekend unveils the heart of the event, with Saturday and Sunday dedicated to the immersive show experience.

Love You, Embrace You, and Be You!

Taliah Waajid infuses the Expo with a resonant discussion –Love You, Embrace You and Be You. This overarching concept sets the tone for a holistic celebration, emphasizing the profound impact of embracing one’s natural beauty on individual confidence and community cohesion.

Diverse Exhibitors and Engaging Activities

Over 250 Black-owned business exhibitors form the vibrant core of the Expo, showcasing a rich array of products and services. From live entertainment to The Children’s Corner and The Men’s Den, the event caters to diverse interests. On-site hair and barber styling add an interactive dimension, allowing attendees to experience firsthand the latest trends and techniques.

Empowering Competitions

The Expo hosts Barber, Braid, and Loc competitions, providing a platform for professionals to showcase their skills and creativity. These spirited contests not only celebrate artistic prowess but also inspire attendees to explore the limitless possibilities of natural hair styling.

Knowledge-Sharing Workshops

Attendees can elevate their understanding of natural hair care through a series of Free workshops. For professionals, these sessions offer valuable insights, while Do-It-Yourself (DIY) workshops empower general attendees to enhance their personal care routines. This commitment to education reflects Taliah Waajid’s dedication to empowering individuals with the knowledge to nurture their natural beauty.

Come Flourish at the World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show! April 25-28, 2024 – Seize Your Presale Tickets

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative celebration. Secure your presale tickets at and immerse yourself in a dynamic blend of beauty, empowerment, and community. Taliah Waajid invites you to join the movement of self-love, confidence, and community at the World Natural Hair, Health, Beauty Expo – where natural beauty takes center stage.

FYI Calling All Artists The World Natural Hair Show posted on their IG in search for performers see below.

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