Her Beauty – Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Beyond your daily hustle take some time for yourself… relax and enjoy your Valentine’s Day Cleanse.
1 THE ARIA DIFFUSER. $296. Enjoy the benefits of essential oils with this diffuser, made with an American Maple base and a glass dome designed to direct the vapors. It also features LED lights and relaxing sounds and includes 5 essential oils to get started.
2 LUSH ROSE BOMBSHELL BATH BOMBS. $7.95. Delicious smelling bath bomb with luxurious sea salt and yellow rose petals and rose absolute oil. In-store or online
3 RG COSMETICS COLLAGEN COLLECTION. PRICE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. Rebuilds strength and elasticity in damaged hair. Improves hair health by revitalizing, strengthening, thickening and increasing shine.
4 GRIFTER HANA GLOVES. $72. Topped with high end Japanese floral fabric, these soft and supple Bison gloves are made in the USA.
5 SPECIES BY THE THOUSANDS LOVE WHITE MAGIC SOY CANDLE. $20. Handmade in Brooklyn! A clean burning soy candle with high-quality essential oils, burn when you want to attract and strengthen love in your life.
6 BARBARA CAMPBELL QUARTZ NECKLACE. $350. On a long and simple gold chain, this necklace holds a beautiful natural crystal quartz, hand-wrapped in gold wire, and the signature BC stamped gold medallion. Handmade in Brooklyn.
7 UNDERTOP LINGERIE SET PRICE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.Sexy and feminine lingerie made in Portugal.
8 SPECIES BY THE THOUSANDS LOVE GIFT KIT $32. Includes candle, Love Room Spray, pink quartz and dried rose petals to attract amorous feelings and positivity to your home.

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