This past weekend, millions of women and men descended into the city streets across the United States and around the world to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump and the values he stands for. For me, marching was a mandatory decision to stand up and continue to fight the battles for equality that my generation believed had been hard won in the past. The women I attended the march with were of different ethnicities, backgrounds, ages, and sexualities. As soon as we got into the city, the electricity in the air was undeniable.

We stepped out into the march, the crowd a sea of pink hats and homemade signs. Sounds of drums permeated the air.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated “there is no noise as powerful as the sound of the marching feet of determined people,” and we walked through the streets, chants, cheers, and applause surrounded us. “Her body, her choice!” shouted a man behind us. “Our body, our choice!” women echoed back.

A group of women in their 70’s chanted along to “Black lives matter, ” and we marched next to a gay rights group advocating gun restrictions. Every person there may have been in the street for their [own] reason, but every cause felt included and heard. The spirit in the air was not one of fear or violence, but one of strength, hope, and empowerment, all emotions rarely felt since the election. Amongst the diverse and supportive crowd, I experienced the power and unity of citizens committed to rising.

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