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The Truth Behind Simon Says

The Truth Behind Simon Says

Daniel Watson


Boston’s House Slam Team, Ashley Davis & Oompa performing their poem “Simon Says” at the 2016 National Poetry Slam Finals in Atlanta, GA.

Ashely Davis & Oompa are right on target with this video and their powerful message. “Simon says,” a game that we use to play as children but has all a new meaning as an adult. As an educator, I have seen how some schools have adopted this mentally towards Elementary and Middle school levels.

Some things that could be overlooked…

“You are only valuable as you are able.”

“Why are you waving you don’t know how to listen to you must not be a good listener at home.”

“Simon says, it’s not the time for a bathroom break you go when Simon says so, eat when Simon says so, leave this room when Simon says.”

Just a few things I have heard in classrooms this year by fellow teachers… I feel that when parents enroll their kids in these nontransparent programs, it leaves the door open for their children to be “processed” like a criminal. Their young minds are conditioned from the classroom to the prison pipeline.


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