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Take a Moment or Two for Rest With SoJo Spa Club

Take a Moment or Two for Rest With SoJo Spa Club


Building Balance With SoJo Spa Club

A spa day is a very effective way to activate dopamine. Oh, you know–dopamine is the feel-good hormone responsible for managing the brain’s reward center.

I had the opportunity to take the day off on a weekday–yeah, I know, a “weekday” at SoJo Spa Club… Which is unheard of for any entrepreneur to take off during the week. But when your body calls for rest, you should listen. Not listening to your body is a quick way to burn out; that’s the last thing you must wrap up in this fourth quarter.

“A little spa and relaxation, enjoy, my friends”.

SoJo Spa Club - Let's Get Started
SoJo Spa Club – Let’s Get Started

As the sun was at its peak at noon, it was the perfect time to soak up some much-needed sunshine. As the season has changed into fall, that is what one would hope for. It was pretty chilly outside but what the heck, and I drove from Far Rockaway to Edgewater to enjoy myself.

SoJo Spa Club - Foot Massage
SoJo Spa Club / Foot Massage – Advance and Beginners

Beginning with foot massage stones–this was a setup from the very beginning. Advanced, and the other side was for beginners. Which side do you think I started from? Ughh, you guessed it right, the advanced side, “oh, I have experienced many foot massage stones in my travels.”Well, this was a memorable one for the books. The advanced side was quite challenging. I even tempted the middle to see if there was a go-between advance and beginners—yup, at that point, I was over it, and my feet needed a break. (Did not make it to the end). I watched from the side to see other people’s attempts–would say about 30-70 people made it on the advanced side. The task is difficult, but the satisfaction of being able to say you accomplished it is worth it.

The next order of business-hahaha, yes, I said business, but it should be relaxation. It’s so critical to find balance and unplug. I ventured to the 5th floor to sweat it out in the saunas. I had to switch to the indoors after that brief moment being outside, with the breeze flowing and the sun on my back, where I felt like I was walking the “green mile”.

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Honesty, I tried all of SoJo’s eight saunas, but the one I enjoyed the most was the Charcoal Sauna. It is hotter than the others at a heat index close to 200 degrees. Did you know—Activated charcoal is possibly the oldest method used to detox? My tension, muscle stiffness, and soreness were completely relieved. When considering stepping into any sauna, it is imperative to stay hydrated. If you get a chance, check out the Hot Stone Beds. Black silica emits negative ions, a type of antioxidant that breaks down toxins in the body. Aside from saunas, I jumped into the “Ice Room”–after all that heat, the body had to be cooled down. But I was told that the Ice Room stimulates and revitalizes skin cells, helping slow skin aging by improving skin elasticity.

Volcanic Sand Bath

My main reason for choosing the “SoJo experience” was the Volcanic Sand Bath. Yes–you read that right, Volcanic Sand Bath. A unique experience and I enjoyed the process. The treatment helps relieve musculoskeletal pain and stiffness, benefits the skin, and improves metabolism. Sweating in the heat detoxifies the body, while the alkalinity of the mineral-rich volcanic sand itself amplifies its cleansing effects.

If you are looking for ways to take a day to restore yourself SoJo Spa Club has additional services that could cater to your needs. For more information on how you can break free from the day-to-day and slow down even if it’s only for a moment reclaim your time here.

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