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Dr. Kildahl, Optimal Health Enhanced Performance and Longevity

Dr. Kildahl, Optimal Health Enhanced Performance and Longevity

Dr. Kildahl

Optimal Health Tips

When it comes to optimal health, enhancing performance, and longevity, Dr. Kildahl shares his expertise through his work as the creator and president of Performance Medicine®, a visionary consulting firm providing ultra-endurance athletes with synergistic solutions to genetically transcend health, performance, and longevity in life and sport. He is credentialed in bioenergetics, biomechanics, metabolic efficiency™ testing, sports nutrition, epigenetics, and natural medicine.

As an Epigenetics Performance Coach, Dr. Kildahl explains first what is Epigenetics, “Epigenetics represents the study of changes in organisms caused by modifications to gene expression absent any alteration to the genetic code [DNA blueprint/sequence].  “Epi” is the Greek lexicon for “above.” Epigenetic markers are positioned above your DNA sequence and impact gene expression/suppression based on lifestyle factors. Acetylation and methylation play significant roles in the development of epigenetic propensities. The former activates gene expression and the latter silences gene expression based on environmental/lifestyle choices [epigenetic markers].

One’s DNA blueprint is absolute and cannot be altered. Think of epigenetic markers as apostrophes sprinkled above the letters and words of a sentence [your DNA sequence]. Your DNA provides instructions for proteins to be coded inside the cells. Epigenetic markers impact [like a dimmer switch] how genes are read by cells.

It is about how much value one places on his/her health, performance, and longevity. Inflammation, chronic and degenerative diseases, nutritional deficiencies, sleep deprivation, nitric oxide levels, glutathione system, heavy metals, bone density, soft tissue, and recovery play major roles.”

For staying healthy and fit, Dr. Kildahl has it in his DNA, “I have always been a huge fan of motor less motion. I have used a mountain/road bike, snowshoes, xc skis, and my zest for running as my modes of transportation for decades – no matter what Mother Nature had planned for my unrelenting Scandinavian verve. Boulder, Colorado, and its environs provided an idyllic playground complemented by a statewide system of bike paths and trails. Running, cycling, and snowshoeing add balance to a daily regimen of meditation and kinesthetic activity. I have participated in ultra-endurance races and events; my penchant for solo, unsupported ultra-endurance endeavors in extreme conditions with a charitable component remains unequivocal. The inexpressible transpersonal lessons are priceless.”

He adds, “Exercise is our friend. Incorporating strength/cardio/kinesthetic/meditation training is vital to optimal health, performance, and longevity. Whether it is yoga or Pilates classes, a membership to a fitness facility, or even purchasing a Teeter Hang-Ups inversion table to mitigate the effects of gravity play an important role. Being fit yet unhealthy is a recurring theme among endurance athletes at an alarming rate. It delineates effort from struggle – in life and sport. We have the technology to eliminate the guesswork, decode superhuman, and propel limitless potential.  The benefits for endurance athletes.  Epigenetics leverages technology to propel exponential changes to client cognition, physiology, and performance.”

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