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Dr. William Heidary & CEO Adelina Doppler, launch Winkzzz Pillow

Dr. William Heidary & CEO Adelina Doppler, launch Winkzzz Pillow

Christine Blanchette
  • This pillow helps increase circulation & decrease muscle tension.
  • Environmentally sustainable with intuitive measurement app.


Dr. William Heidary with, CEO, Adelina Doppler
Dr. William Heidary with, CEO, Adelina Doppler

Sleep hygiene is not only going to bed at a regular hour every night, but also laying your head on a comfortable pillow is the key to a good night sleep.  Choosing the right pillow can be the difference maker as to why you are not sleeping as well. According to the Canadian wellness company, Winkzzz, Not every pillow is equal.

Dr. William Heidary, chiropractor with over 25 years of experience and CEO Adelina Doppler with over 15 years experience in the health and fitness arena decided to partner together to help consumers get better sleep by launching Winkzzz. In a Q&A, Dr. Heidary and Adelina Doppler, talked about their partnership in launching Winkzzz, the technology behind it, and what are the benefits of a custom pillow.

Tell us when did you decide to partner together and launch Winkzzz?

Will & I have known each other for over 15 years. I’ve worked alongside Dr. Will running his day-to-day operations at his established wellness clinic, Back on Track for years. We just clicked from a business perspective. The strengths that Dr. Will brings to a company are different from the strengths I have. So together we make one heck of a dream team. I am a mom of two (now adult boys) so for years I was used to getting very little sleep. The kids were long past the stage of waking me up at night, but I was still having sleepless nights. I finally realized that it wasn’t normal to feel so exhausted at the start of my day. Running multiple businesses was hectic and I knew I wanted to feel more productive without three cups of coffee to get me going in the morning. I was also waking up multiple times a night feeling hot and restless. I was chatting with Will one day about it and he said “Let’s stop just masking symptoms and actually do something about this!

When was it launched and how much work was involved?

We didn’t officially launch until after we had a successful Kickstarter campaign last spring. The foundation and groundwork from concept to design to testing and redesign took a few years. It wasn’t an overnight design success. We really worked hard on the concept of what we wanted to put out there and quality was also at the forefront of those ideas. Our pillow is priced based on the quality and thought that has gone into manufacturing something that is truly different from anything you will find on the market.

Tell us the technology behind it, having your own customized pillow?

The pillow is designed using Dr. Will’s years and years of medical experience treating patients with chronic pain. Aside from design, we then decided that one-size doesn’t fit all. Our anatomy is different so your pillow should hug and support the curves of your unique head and neck. We take into account the customers biggest sleep complaints, their density preference, and their measurements to deliver a custom experience that will give them the best night’s sleep.


The Refresh Pillow
The Refresh Pillow

What kind of custom pillows can one have?

Our customers can choose between three different densities, and two luxurious infusions (copper or bio-ceramic) which are aimed at solving different pain points. Of course we also take the customers measurements to get them the perfect pillow fit.

What has the feedback been like and who are some of your clients?

Our beta-testers to date have mostly been friends/family and clients from the wellness clinic. The feedback has been phenomenal. Better than we could have ever anticipated. Things like, “they are sleeping better” to “they no longer wake up with headaches” etc…

When does one know your sleep pattern is improving and when do you expect results?

It can take anywhere from two weeks to up to a month to see a difference in sleeping patterns. It really just depends on how chronic your pain point with sleep was before you purchased the pillow. We offer a very generous return policy of 120 Night’s Risk Free and if you aren’t happy we will offer a full refund. That’s how much we believe in this product.

Who is it for and what are the benefits?

This pillow is really for anyone who suffers from a range of sleep issues like insomnia, neck pain, night sweats, snoring, sleep apnea, menopause (hormonal changes), and allergies to name a few. Basically it’s for everyone who wants a better night’s sleep!

 What are the pillows made of?

Our pillows are made with polyols which is an environmentally sustainable memory gel foam that doesn’t off-gas. This material holds its shape under pressure and won’t need to be replaced as often. Polyurethane products can be recycled in various ways to remove them from the waste stream and to recapture the value inherent in the material. The material can either be reused or it can be broken down into its chemical constituents. This makes polyol a more desirable material when reducing the environmental footprint.

As a runner, which custom pillow would be of benefit or does it matter?

Depends. Do you have aches and pains? If you suffer from joint pain then I would recommend copper infusion. However, if you are young and robust then definitely bio-ceramic because it helps bring body temperature down faster to help you fall asleep faster and have a deeper, more relaxing sleep. Bio-ceramic also helps improve circulation and blood oxygen levels.

What do you love most about what you do?

Seeing the difference it makes in people’s lives. I also love our team. We have such a strong group dynamic and we have all worked so hard to make this start-up a reality.

How important is it to have your own custom pillow?

It can be the difference between an amazing day and an okay day. You get one body to get you through life and it’s important to treat it well. Once you start experiencing inflammation, joint pain, sleeplessness it can take longer to rectify the situation which will cost you more in remedies. It’s better to be proactive and make good decisions.

Visit us at to learn more about our products and be sure to take a tour of our measurement tool to find your perfect pillow fit!

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