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Suzan Galluzzo Fitness and Nutrition Expert Serves Up Healthy Food Choices While Eating Out

Suzan Galluzzo Fitness and Nutrition Expert Serves Up Healthy Food Choices While Eating Out

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Healthy Food Choices for Eating Out

Eating out can be a challenge for some who are on a weight-loss program and while also choosing healthy foods from the menu can be an overwhelming experience.  How to order at a restaurant while on a diet? Fitness expert and nutrition expert Suzan Galluzzo has the recipe for keeping your nutrition goals on track while traveling and attending functions.

She began, “Traveling comes with many challenges like how do I enjoy and not go overboard with food and come back with vacay weight gain. Here are a few tips on how to stay clean:

1. Incorporate a clean piece of protein in every meal. Protein satiates curbs hunger and boosts metabolism. Chicken, fish, shellfish, eggs are your best choices.  Fill your plate with veggies make sure your plate has at least 75% vegetables. Try to eat your carbs at lunch only… pizzas, breads, rice, etc.

2.  Limit Alcohol to 1 meal per day. Don’t drink at every meal.  Keep it to 1 meal per day.

3.  Ask for dressing on the side.

4.  Avoid desserts and fruit if drinking. Too much sugar will lead to weight gain. Even natural sugars can add up with the refined sugars in alcohol and desserts.”

I asked, with salads, is it is usually a good choice? ” Yes they are. But you have to request the salad how you’d like it. Tons of leafy greens and vegetables, clean piece of protein, dressing on the side, no cheese, add eggs instead or double the protein.”

She continues, “Don’t go to the breakfast buffet. It’s where most mistakes happen. You end up starting your day on high sugar and carbs.  Like croissants. Ask for eggs to your room with salads fruit and veggies, sliced tomatoes.”

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Galluzzo shared some other tips,

Drink 2 glasses of water before each meal. Start every meal with vegetables. Drink a protein shake before if you’re unsure of what’s going to be available.

One of Galluzzo’s success stories, “Nancy was a type 2 diabetic with over 75 lbs to lose. She did this in 8 months.  She did my nutrition plan as well as workouts.  The end result: no more diabetes, no more taking 10 pills per day. Her quality of life and life expectancy has changed.”

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