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Aviva Reimer CEO of Perfect Fit Elite Lifestyle Releases Book Becoming The Total Package

Aviva Reimer CEO of Perfect Fit Elite Lifestyle Releases Book Becoming The Total Package

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Reimer Launches Book Becoming The Total Package

Aviva Reimer is regarded as an expert on lifestyle transformation and relationship building and if there is one word to describe Reimer would be a passion to help others. Reimer’s goal is to help people realize their full potential in life, which leads to recently launching her first book Becoming The Total Package.
In a Q&A Reimer shares what inspired her to write the book and how she maintains a healthy lifestyle.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Where there is a will, there is a-way! It’s not always easy as we all can be overwhelmed at times. I practice what I preach, and maintaining this recipe is my priority, which I will never compromise. It brings me peace of mind and balance. My lifestyle and decisions all stem from my transformation and ability to understand my intention and purpose.

What influenced you to write, Becoming The Total Package?

I always knew I was going to write a book because I felt it was necessary. It was just a matter of timing. I saw how my knowledge positively impacted a lot of clients that I work with daily, and I wanted to make a difference on a much higher level and not one person at a time. I want to have this knowledge and support available to those who need it most everywhere around the world.

How does the book help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle?

There is a systematic course of action when targeting change. It starts with your home and environment, your friendships and relationships, your mind and body, and of course the other aspects of lifestyle. Dreams and hopes! My recipe is a holistic approach to changing or optimizing every aspect of your life to work for you and not against you. Once you start doing all the things I organized in the book, your life will change. It’s crucial to address every aspect of your life strategically, so it logically lines up towards transformation. Everything is connected!

What can readers expect from your book?

I hope that people will be inspired to gain the courage to make changes in their lives and patterns. This book Will guide them through their transformation step-by-step even if they are not emotionally capable or strong enough right at that moment. It will allow them to step outside of their perspective and learn that it’s not as hard as they think. My recipe is bulletproof and will be relatable. This book will also be supportive of what they try to accomplish. We all need someone to understand us and hold our hand through heartbreaks, and this is what the book is there to do. I am also accessible for the readers once they start implementing the steps in the book towards a better life and version of themselves.

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Photo credit: Maxim
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