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Enchantment Resort, hidden between the rocks

Enchantment Resort, hidden between the rocks

Tanyka Renee
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The Enchantment Resort lives above the description of enchantment. If you are seeking the luxury getaway from a getaway, this is the place for you. The resort set on 70 acres of scenic natural terrain, found in the heart of Sedona, Arizona where the scenery is breathtaking from every viewpoint. Surrounded by red rock formations, you could take a photo from any direction and not make a bad one.

I like to stay spontaneous, as you know my travel plans can change with a drop of a hat. Wherever it be international or local, I love to explore the hidden gems of the world. The Enchantment Resort was no exception for my exclusive list of destinations.

Booked my flight from New York at setting my heart on travel to Arizona for a two-day getaway. To add to my mind, body and spiritual trip, I decided to enjoy the two-hour drive and rent a car from the airport and drive to the resort to capture the great scenic route.

[Side note] In addition, to resort it is also two hours from the Grand Canyon and one hour from Flagstaff for more sightseeing.


Upon arrival at the Enchantment Resort, greeted with a warm welcome from the staff I knew I was at home. The local culture so inspires the resort; it gives the property one with nature. Drop bags off, raced to the pool to soak up the fantastic sunshine with their signature margarita, what a way to start my relaxation. Wow, the margaritas were strong but so delicious that I could not resist.

The view from the pool, if you can imagine yourself immersed within nature, this is the feeling of luxury living. At this very moment, I could finally decompress myself from the daily routines of my busy New York business.

After absorbing the incredible sunshine, I wanted to get my energy going by playing a few rounds of tennis. Now, this tennis court seems like it comes straight from a fiction novel. Surrounded by giant red rocks, you will find the tennis courts of the valley that gives you a feeling of serenity. I am not a tennis pro, but I sure did work up an appetite of one.


To end out my intense workout, I made my way to Tii Gavo, one of the restaurants at the resort. Tii Gavo means “gathering place,” the atmosphere was consistent throughout, the home away from home. I wanted to dive right in the menu as I smelled the delicious aromas. Starting with the appetizers, fresh guacamole with Pico de Gallo, tortilla chips for my entree Beef Brisket Burger, [Mmmmm]Pepper Jack Cheese, Guacamole, Secret Sauce, Crispy Tobacco Onions with the side of grilled asparagus it was like my taste buds were having a party in my mouth.

Meanwhile, I have this overwhelming feeling of a sleep coma, but a glass of wine at the fire pit as the stars light up the night sky and temperature drop sounds more delightful.

The Enchantment resort has something for everyone.  Spa Tranquility to experiencing endless adventure, hiking or spending the day on the golf course. For more information about the Enchantment resort and what they have to offer to check out their site here.

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