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Up Close with Berenice Electrolysis & Personal Beauty Center

Up Close with Berenice Electrolysis & Personal Beauty Center

Daniel Watson
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Upon entering Berenice Electrolysis & Personal Beauty Center, I was greeted by Ms. Pearl, the receptionist, who was so pleasant that it set the tone for what I could expect during my visit. Before I left, Pearl told a short story of how she began working at the center. When the Beauty Center opened in the 1980’s, Berenice needed a front desk person and had asked Pearl if she would be interested in covering for a week or so until she hired someone else permanently. Well, 19 years later, she’s still there and they couldn’t have chosen a better person. As they still chuckle about it today, Ms. Pearl seems to think that Berenice never did interview anyone else for the position.

When Berenice introduced herself, she was very welcoming; I began to get much more comfortable. She brought me to her office for my personal consultation to discuss the history of our hair, skin and the way the follicles grow. Our hair grows in cycles and at different rates. One of the things that Berenice looks for is the way that the hair grows to determine the best hair removal treatment and how many sessions each individual would need. I was very fortunate to chat with Berenice S. Rothenberg, owner of the Personal Beauty Center before starting my first treatment about the benefits of their services, an overview of their treatments, to handling each customer needs one by one.

For over 43 years, you’ve been providing beauty and skin care solutions. Could you tell us about some of the services you offer within the personal beauty center? Some of the services we provide include Laser Hair Removal, Waxing & Sugaring, Facials, Micro-Dermabrasion-Gentle Peel as well as Cellulite Treatments: Dermosonic, VelaShape III & Lymphatic Drainage and therapeutic massages.

What makes a Laser Light hair removal treatment safe and comfortable? Our experienced staff at Berenice Electrolysis and Personal Beauty Center focuses on quality and attention to detail. The most important thing to remember is not the type of laser or the procedure; what matters most is the person behind the laser. At Berenice Electrolysis & Personal Beauty Center, we care more about making sure you receive excellent service and the best results. More importantly, my clients put their trust in me because I make them feel comfortable as a result of my extensive expertise and commitment to quality with care.

Why would one opt for laser hair removal instead of electrolysis? By far, these are the two most effective hair removal treatments and reduction procedures in the industry. Depending on the type of hair a client has and the way the hair grows within their hair cycle would best determine the method of treatment. For laser hair removal, it’s more suitable for people with lighter skin and darker hair color because it targets the pigment directly. The electrolysis procedure targets the hair follicle itself and removes hairs from the roots. This would all be explained thoroughly during your consultation.

What type of laser do you use and is it suited for people with my skin type/hair color? At Berenice Electrolysis & Personal Beauty Center, we take proper precaution and use the best technology in the market. Specifically, we test everything upfront in addition to educating and training our aestheticians on how to properly use the equipment before treating our clients. In essence, safety first! The types of lasers we use are the Gentle Pro laser hair removal. Yes, it’s the most appropriate for people with darker hair.

How long does a typical procedure take? Depending on the area being treated and the procedure itself, it may take anywhere from 15 minutes up to 1 hour during your initial visit. However, as the treatments continue, the duration will diminish and become much shorter depending on how much hair grows back between sessions.

How do I know I can undergo laser hair reduction? Well, you most certainly will find out during your initial consultation. It’s the same process every client goes through no matter if you’ve done laser hair removal before or not. From the outset, the aesthetician will do a patch test and begin to look for a few different things to determine eligibility and what type of procedure would be best suited for the patient. A few things they look for is the hair growth cycle to see if there’s any hyperpigmentation or folliculitis.

What are the possible risks and complications of hair removal and how do you address them? One of the risks is hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is comprised of dark patches of discolored skin in an area caused by years of shaving. Another skin risk to consider is folliculitis, which are ingrown hairs, most commonly found in African American and Hispanic cultures because of the shape of the hair. Folliculitis is usually formed when you are shaving incorrectly. Believe it or not, people with folliculitis are actually really good candidates for laser hair removal. No matter the issue, I take really good care of my clients; your concerns are my concerns and I’m always willing to address them immediately.

Are there any specific instructions to follow after the sessions? This varies from client to client depending on the hair type and procedure. My follow up instructions were to change my deodorant because I sweat a lot and to apply hydrocortisone cream to the area for a day or 2 to relieve the pain. Also, I was told not to wash my underarms with soap and water, but to just gently wipe it lightly with a wet washcloth. Also, I was told not to scrape the hair when I’m in the shower, especially when the hair begins to grow

My Experience


I’ve had 3 sessions of the electrolysis hair removal treatment so far. My first visit was at the end of December just in time for New Year’s Eve! My treatment was exactly 10 minutes for the 1st visit and around 5 minutes for the 2nd and 3rd. The first visit was a little longer because they tested which laser would work best for me. A patch test was done in an area to see how my skin reacted to the treatment. When I laid down on the table, goggles were placed over my eyes to protect them from the rays of the laser. I was given a stress ball to squeeze during the procedure to take my mind off of the pain and ice was applied directly to my armpits after the treatment, followed by hydrocortisone cream. As the laser lightly glided over my skin, I did feel the heat from each pulse and the room began to smell like burning hair. Yikes, I was really nervous, but Berenice talked to me throughout the entire process.

When it was all done, Berenice recommended that I change my deodorant and purchase some hydrocortisone cream. She immediately pointed out that due to years of shaving and waxing I had really damaged my armpits, and developed hyperpigmentation and also folliculitis. She assured me that I was in good hands and that these treatments would be the best way to reverse the damage. I was still in a lot of pain for the remainder of the day; my underarms were very sore. After applying the hydrocortisone cream, I was actually okay the next day. Overall, I had a great experience and was looking forward to my next visit.


About a week after my 1st session, I began to notice that hair started to grow back, but it was much lighter and it grew in patches. The 2nd visit was exactly 2 weeks from my initial visit. The good news is that the treatment was much more tolerable because I knew what to expect. It was also much shorter in duration. Berenice said that my skin responded very well and that there were no signs of my skin being burned during the initial treatment. She also explained how she can determine my hair cycle, but couldn’t quite predict how many sessions I’d need altogether. Given that I had signs of folliculitis and hyperpigmentation, she mentioned that I would probably need to get some skin lightening sessions after the electrolysis sessions were over.


My 3rd session was short but more painful than the 1st session. At some point between sessions, I think I may have rubbed my armpits too harshly while showering and it made this session worse. My skin was very sensitive. Berenice started to give me the 3rd degree. She thought I’d shaved in between sessions, that’s how bad it looked. Well, I hadn’t shaved my armpits since December because there has been no need for me to do so. Besides the fact, I am super nervous to do anything besides wash them and put on deodorant…seriously friends, I followed Berenice’s directions diligently. I think my hormones may have played a role in the fact that this session didn’t go as well as I’d expected. My next session will be in March. I predict that by the month of May, I’ll probably be hair free and my underarms will be healed completely. But don’t fret, I will be doing a follow up on the next couple of sessions of my hair removal treatment and will keep you all up to date. Until next time lovelies…

To find out more information about Berenice Rothenberg and her services please check out her website


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