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 Tiffany Haddish, the Keepin’ It Rel with Young Wayne podcast

 Tiffany Haddish, the Keepin’ It Rel with Young Wayne podcast


Tiffany Haddish and Lil Rel Howery Discuss Jerrod Carmichael, Single Life, Her Legacy, and More on Lil Rel’s New Podcast

Check out Tiffany Haddish on the Keepin’ It Rel with Young Wayne podcast hosted by celebrated comedians Lil Rel Howery and Young Wayne. She and Lil Rel discussed their friend Jerrod Carmichael’s coming out, how she is enjoying the single life and if she would get married again hopes for a Carmichael reunion or movie, and more.

Interview excerpts are below and the video is available HERE.

On their friend Jerrod Carmichael’s coming out (2:20):

  • Lil Rel: “I’m happy that he feels free and happy… He seems happier.”
  • Tiffany: “And I love that. I want him to be happy. He seems way happier, way less stressed out… and that’s what dick will do for you!”


On being single since her split with Common and what’s next:

  • Tiffany (5:00): “Some days it’s fun, some days it’s not. Either way, it goes, I’m hot to trot.”
  • Tiffany (58:50): “Yeah I’d definitely get married again… maybe not by legal standards though. But maybe we drop a contract, a contractual agreement.”


Their hopes for a Carmichael reunion or movie (16:50):

  • Lil Rel: “Carmichael show is one of the most underrated shows on TV.”
  • Tiffany: “We gotta get it back on there!”
  • Lil Rel: “I told Jerrod, look man let’s do a reunion special or something, let’s do a little movie. Like how the Brady Bunch movie, like let’s go on vacation!”
  • Tiffany: “We just do a whole movie… everybody movie stars so why not just do a movie?”


On the Mo’Nique and DL Hughley feud (24:00):

  • Tiffany: “Both of them were wrong because they should’ve taken that up with the promoter.”


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On her award wins (28:00):

  • Tiffany: “Those trophies are nice but it’s nothing like having that body of work and being able to be with the people…  that’s all that matters. I know the Emmy changed the bag, that’s for sure… the nominations change the bag.”


Her strategy for building a legacy (50:10):

  • Tiffany: “Every time I do a movie, I do buy a piece of land, some sort of property. (In a whisper voice) because that’s what I see white people doing! “

About Keepin’ It Rel

Comments collide and comedy ensues, as these long-term friends and Chicago natives face off while keeping it real! Actor/Comedian ‘Lil Rel’ Howery and Host/Comedian Dwayne ‘Young Wayne’ Young are teaming up to make a podcast just like their everyday conversations – debates, roast sessions, and stories you’ve never heard before! This isn’t another podcast that just reacts to current events. Keepin’ It Rel with Young Wayne is a funny, authentic and unscripted show that touches a wide range of topics from sports to culture to mental health.

Credit the Keepin’ It Rel with Young Wayne podcast.

Here is more information about their show

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