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In Demand Actor Jesse Hutch Shares Healthy Living Tips

In Demand Actor Jesse Hutch Shares Healthy Living Tips

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Actor Jesse Hutch Shares Fitness Tips

Meet Canadian actor Jesse Hutch, an in demand actor, writer, director and producer who always had a passion for fitness. In a Zoom interview, the Vancouver Canadian resident talks about his recurring role in the tv series, CW Batwoman, the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and what is next for him.

Before starting a career in acting, Jesse was a certified expert in white water rafting, and a snowboard instructor. Fitness has always been a huge part of his life. He began, “Oh, absolutely. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a choice. And I think (fitness) is always developing and changing, especially as you age, I think you always need to, re-examine your health, your spiritual health, mental health, emotional health, and your physical health.

And I think that it’s very important to make sure that you’re working on all of those, because if you just ignore one, the others will suffer. I would say I am working out at least minimum of two hours per day, between five to six days a week.” He adds, “When, for example, when my wife was pregnant with one of our children, you change the order of importance and although health still needs to be important, my gym time, it changes, it looks different and that’s okay. I love to be active. I’m naturally built that way.”

By keeping fit it is important for Jesse to land future acting roles. “About six months ago, there is a specific (acting) job that may move forward. And if it did, it would be a period piece. It would be kind of a gladiator type role. CW Batwoman came along and I was kind of already for that. A lot of the times when you book a role, very rarely, well, you have five months before we start filming. It’s usually like you booked it, you start tomorrow.”

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Jesse enjoys working out in the morning which helps him for the rest of the day. “I think that’s one of my favorite things is to get it done in the morning. Normally I’ll start at 5:00 AM. I get up at 4:30, start the workouts by five, and I’m done and home in time to either see the kids and say goodbye, or maybe drive them to school. Your schedule can fluctuate. Sometimes when I’m on set, I have to be ready. Then I’m going to go work out for two to three hours and then maybe be on set for 18 hours. So you’ve got to be mentally and emotionally geared up for that as well, but it always sets me up for success. I feel if I can do that first thing in the morning. I have more energy. I’m more focused. I’m ready to go.”

When it comes to his diet, for about five years now, Jesse eats fish only and has cut out meat for his own health reasons. Jesse’s advice is to listen to your body because your body will tell you.

Jesse says, “I found that fish was really the only thing that I could have at this point that was allowing me to sort of maximize my health. And it’s changed my life like a hundred percent. I definitely have less swelling in my joints. I easily drink two liters of water, every single workout. One liter of water per hour. I found that I just take sips (of water) in between sets. It just depends on the workout.”

Watch Jesse in CW Batwoman TV series as agent Russell Taveroff. Jesse talks about his character and what it is like working on set, He says, “Russell is married to his job. He’s very committed and he has a reputation for being insensitive. He also has a reputation for using force a lot quicker than I think the average agent would, he definitely has a past. It’s never really brought up a lot, but I’d like to say that, there’s a lot of things that come out of that character that would lead you to question his past, like why is he like this? And every day that I go to work, it is a blessing. There’s amazing people who I work with, the cast and crew is so much fun and everyone has this attitude of appreciation and everybody’s really talented. I get to watch the crew do their thing and it’s amazing the way they light the sets, they build the action they put together, the way they move the cameras. It’s fun. I mean, really it’s a comic book frame and I get to step into it and do this job. And so I want to just bring my best, do my best. And as I like to say, you ride the wave until your surfboard breaks.”

He continues, “I’m a guest star on Batwoman, but I believe that as an actor, I have this opportunity to always act like a lead, if that makes any sense. And, and what I think a lead actor is, is someone who absolutely shows up prepared. You have your dialogue in place, you, you know what you’re doing with your character, you’re ready to go. And you’re also open to receiving what the other actors are going to give you and what, you’re open to receiving the direction that a director may give you. But even more importantly, I think you need to recognize the people you work with.”
I asked Jesse what drives him to be successful in all areas of his life?

Photo Credit: Andrew Gerard

“What drives me? Oh, that’s a fantastic question. I would have to say faith. That’s, that’s my main support system. My belief in God. I was raised Christian. And so the Bible is the book that I read the most. And so that is a springboard from which I, I run everything through, but it’s a filter. That’s how I examine my marriage. It’s the filter that I look through to raise my kids, how do I spend my money and do I get it right all the time? Absolutely not, if anything, I realize how much work I need to do and how selfish I can be and things that I need to improve and work on. And it’s fantastic though, because it doesn’t change with the wind. It doesn’t change with the times. It just doesn’t change with the fads.”

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For the past twenty years, Jesse has acted in an impressive list of tv shows and films from Dark Angel which was his first role to many Hallmark roles.

Jesse is working on several projects including his own.

“I’m always still auditioning for projects. And so there’s definitely auditions that I do that I’m really excited about. And I’d love to hear back, but you have to go on with your life and just pretend like never happened because you never know if you’re going to hear back. And then, and then there’s our own projects, which we’re constantly working on. We have about twenty-four projects right now that we’re slowly developing more and more, all different genres, from kids action, adventure, romantic comedy, to thriller. We’re trying to have projects ready when the time comes for someone to say let’s work together.”

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