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Cognitive Reframing with Self Isolation

Cognitive Reframing with Self Isolation

Cognitive Reframing During COVID-19


Here are a few examples reframing your mindset.

“I’m stuck at home” —> “I’m safe at home”

“My friends and I can’t see each other” —> “My friends and I are protecting each other”

“I miss the things I love” —> “I’m increasing my gratitude for the things I love”

‘I have lost all my freedom” —> “I have relinquished my freedom for a noble purpose”

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Define: Cognitive Reframing is a psychological technique that consists of identifying and then disputing irrational or maladaptive thoughts. Reframing is a way of viewing and experiencing events, ideas, concepts and emotions to find more positive alternatives.

*COVID-19 review for more information

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