Train Your Mind, Mindfulness a Better Mind and a Better you

Mindfulness a Better Mind & a Better You

Mindfulness is that the basic human ability to be totally gifted, responsive to wherever we are and what we’re doing, and not excessively reactive or overwhelmed by what’s occurring around us.

While mindfulness is something we have a tendency to all naturally possess, it’s a lot of readily obtainable to us once we practice on a routine.

Whenever you bring awareness to what you’re directly experiencing via your senses, or to your state of mind via your thoughts and emotions, you’re being aware. And there’s growing research showing that after you train your brain to be mindful, you’re really reworking the physical structure of your brain. Some quick practices to start–try a five-minute breathing meditation to cultivate mindfulness.

Restore emotional balance, manage negative emotions, and anxiety, calm yourself down when your temper flares, and sharpen your concentration skills.


1. Find a relaxed, comfortable position, preferably a quiet place.
2. Notice and relax your body
3. Focus on your breath.
4. Clarify your intention but be kind to your wandering mind.
5. Stay here for five to seven minutes
6. Check-in before you check out.

Remember the practice of mindfulness improves overall well-being and mental health make it a daily routine. There is the saying “Practice Makes Perfect,”  NO! Nothing is perfect just consist.

For my go-to Spotify’s  meditation playlist click here

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