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Hair Tips for the Active Lifestyle

Hair Tips for the Active Lifestyle

Christine Blanchette


No matter what season it is, you can have your hair looking its best while working out and styling for that meeting or socializing afterward. There is nothing worse to have your hair in your face while running. It can be distracting while focusing on your performance or having your hair looking not kept for that important meeting.

Here are some hair tips for the active lifestyle from two professional hair stylists:

Sammy White professional make-up artist and hair stylist offer the following three hair tips:

1. I always like to have a good dry shampoo to help clean my hair and scalp from sweat and excess oils. Depending on how you wear your hair, either some clear elastics and some hairspray for flyaways.

2. Ponytails are a go-to for me, especially on the run! BUT I do like have fun with it by adding braids along the sides of my temples to help with the short hairs and tied back in a ponytail.

3.  I recommend a good styling cream or spray to add volume and a quick spray of dry shampoo for an extra boost of freshness at the roots! If you have super oily hair, try some volume powder such as Design Me’s “Puff Me” volume powder instead of creams!

Shalon Jackson, celebrity hairstylist with Hype Hair and runner shares her top four tips:

1. For the active and on the go women who are looking for some cute looks to go from workout to meeting or out on the town being prepared is key. Having your hair pre-styled and then lightly pulling it back with an invisabobble works great. They are gentle on the hair and don’t leave that annoying ponytail line;) Wearing cute braids to the gym is also a great option. You not only have your hair out of the way, after you can take them out leaving some fun texture in your hair;)

2. If you love to run a cute pony is always a good look. Braids are also a fun choice and there are endless types of braids to choose from:)

3. When it comes to hat head (hair)  it is always ideal to spray some moisture into the hair whether it’s a little water from a spray bottle or a nice leave in. Then rework the hair a little with your blow dryer and brush. You can also add texture to your hair with a hair wand or curling iron. A cute simple updo is a great option as well:)

4.  On the go, must-haves would be an invisabobble or scrunchie, small brush, a few hairpins, and of course dry shampoo

These hair tips for the active lifestyle will keep your hair in place and looking styling.

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