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Invest Five Minutes Today For Self-Relection

Invest Five Minutes Today For Self-Relection

Sometimes All It Takes Is Five Minutes To Regroup

Invest five minutes of your morning or afternoon in being honest with yourself. If you want to engage in a more profound vibration of consciousness, ask yourself the following questions in front of a mirror.


  1. Am I responding right now from a place of love or hurt?
  2. Are the choices for my life a reflection of my values or others’?
  3. Would I feel comfortable with others talking to me the way I’m talking to myself right now?
  4. Am I meeting people where they are in their unique stories, or am I judging their choices based on my beliefs and experiences?
  5. Am I living in the moment from a place of truth or a story I have made up in my head?
  6. Am I living at my full potential?


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I believe that listening  to high frequencies helps center one’s self. Check out a high frequency playlist here.

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