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Invest Five Minutes Today For Self-Relection

Invest Five Minutes Today For Self-Relection

Daniel Watson

Sometimes All It Takes Is Five Minutes To Regroup

Invest five minutes of your morning or afternoon in being honest with yourself. If you want to engage in a more profound vibration of consciousness, ask yourself the following questions in front of a mirror.


  1. Am I responding right now from a place of love or hurt?
  2. Are the choices for my life a reflection of my values or others’?
  3. Would I feel comfortable with others talking to me the way I’m talking to myself right now?
  4. Am I meeting people where they are in their unique stories, or am I judging their choices based on my beliefs and experiences?
  5. Am I living in the moment from a place of truth or a story I have made up in my head?
  6. Am I living at my full potential?


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