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Vegan Vacation, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Vegan Vacation, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Heather Perry
Vegan Restaurant, Mexico
Vegan Pad Thai, The Pitted Date, Mexico
Vegan Restaurant, The Pitted Date, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Vegan Options, The Pitted Date, Mexico
The Vegan, Pitted Date, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico +8
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Vegan Pad Thai, The Pitted Date, Mexico

With its tropical personality and jungle vibes, it’s no wonder Playa Del Carmen is a travel hot spot. From the architecture, people, and food, Playa is a hybrid of the old and new. The juxtaposition of the hole in the wall taquerias stands in contrast to the more modern and chic eateries catering to the health-centric visitors.

Eating healthy is a lifestyle and I’m a firm believer that vacation doesn’t have to get in the way, enter The Pitted Date. Started in 2015, this restaurants mission is to make vegan food taste amazing, I ate here every day, does that prove they’ve accomplished this? The menu covers the gamut and foods you were forced to give up (burgers, eggs, cheese) have all been re-invented in the most delicious of ways. Start the morning with a delicious almond milk latte or one of the many fresh juices or smoothies they offer. The menu encompasses everything from amazing breakfast bagels and omelets to insane tacos and burgers none of which disappoint. 

Below is my interview with the owner:

Vegan Options, The Pitted Date, Mexico
Vegan Options, The Pitted Date, Mexico

You are from Mexico City, why did you leave the city for the beach life? 

Yes, I was born in Mexico City but moved to a nearby city in the south named Cuernavaca since I was seven years old. I lived there until I graduated from University and then moved back to Mexico City for my first job. I worked as a Mutual Fund Private Manager for eight years until I figured out I wasn’t enjoying life. One day I literally just quit, grabbed all my stuff and moved to Playa del Carmen! I felt I needed a reset.

What inspired you to open a vegan restaurant?

My inspiration to open a vegan restaurant was my ex-wife! I know it sounds crazy but that’s what it was. She introduced me to the vegan lifestyle and I was hooked! I proposed for her to open a Vegan cafe, so we just started serving coffee and raw vegan desserts.

Where do you get inspiration for your menu/dishes? 

I think what I really wanted for the menu was to make something different, food that did not taste flat and not just serving good looking salads with no flavor (as many other vegan restaurants do). I wanted to focus on tasty vegan food to show everyone that vegan food is not boring!

What’s your favorite dish on the menu? 

I think my top one is the Italian Bombellete!! the combination of flavors is out of this world Jaja!!

What’s your favorite thing about Playa Del Carmen?

I love Playa del Carmen because it’s a very small city still, but multicultural with people that come to live here with the same purpose, to make a change in their lives!! And of course the amazing beaches and for me, it is a magical place full of beautiful nature.



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