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Is The Mask Mandate Really Over? C’mon son!

Is The Mask Mandate Really Over? C’mon son!

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To Wear A Mask Or Not to Wear A Mask That Is The Question.

The Newport City Hall mask mandate has officially come to an end! So now everyone can walk mask-free, right? Well, not quite.
While it is true that those who feel safe can feel free to not wear a mask and choose not to wear one, it is strongly recommended and encouraged to be mindful of those who can still be affected by the virus. Those who have not been fully vaccinated should still consider wearing a mask, whether due to allergies or other medical reasons. Those fully vaccinated are advised to wear masks, especially to continue to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Despite the lift of masking requirements, we must realize that millions of people in the US are immunocompromised, are more susceptible to severe COVID outcomes, and are still too young to get the vaccine. Even after the mandate is over, simply wearing masks can be seen as laughable to some. Still, it’s crucial to be mindful that wearing a mask is essential in decreasing the spread of COVID-19, washing hands, and maintaining distance from others. Wearing a mask can be suffocating for some, especially those with breathing problems, and they are definitely uncomfortable. Still, there are ways we can make sure we feel comfortable wearing a mask to help take part in preventing future outbreaks.

Have you thought about changing up your masks? There are masks made from multiple fibers like silk, satin, etc. Cotton masks are more breathable, so if it’s difficult to breathe, cotton could help. Do you wear glasses, and they fog up? Put them over the bridge of your nose, so there’s a slightly less chance for them to blur your vision. If your skin breaks out because of masks, wash your face and masks regularly while moisturizing your skin.

Some may find it silly to wear a mask now that the mandate is over, especially since fewer people are wearing one. However, it’s better to think of others that can still be affected by the virus, whether due to medical illness or being immunocompromised like millions of other Americans and worldwide. We can still carry it even if we don’t have symptoms and feel fine. Still, we have the choice to think of others.

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This shows that you are considerate to others who are more susceptible to catching COVID-19 and any of its other variants, whether due to medical illness or being immunocompromised. It’s vital to remember that there is still a choice to think of others during times like these, but doing what you can to help others can be the best thing you could do to contribute to stopping the spread.

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