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Five Mindful Tips to Do Deeply For a Happier Life

Five Mindful Tips to Do Deeply For a Happier Life

  • Please understand there are many ways to experience a healthy and happy life.
  • These are just a few options I wanted to share that have helped me in my journey in the quest for a happier life.

These five tips might help you in your journey for a happier.

Mindful Breathing

The most basic way to do mindful breathing is simply to focus your attention on your breath, the inhale and exhale. You can do this while standing, but ideally, you’ll be sitting or even lying in a comfortable position. Your eyes may be open or closed, but you may find it easier to maintain your focus if you close your eyes. It can help to set aside a designated time for this exercise, but it can also help to practice it when you’re feeling particularly stressed or anxious.

Experts believe a regular practice of mindful breathing can make it easier to do it in difficult situations. 15 minutes daily for at least a week (though evidence suggests that mindfulness increases the more you practice it). One of my favorite mediation apps I use dailyInsight Timer even if you are not a pro at mediating the application has great tips and resources for all levels of experience.

Love endlessly

Freedom to love who you want and when you want! Love one another in an endless manner; continuously without limit. Keep in mind that love is more than saying “I love you” LOVE is an action word. Be bold, be you! In 2020 we encourage HEALTHY  LOVE, not staking someone after they declined your advances.

Do you want to develop healthy love habits? I recommend checking out the 5 Love Languages on the site you have access to the 5 Love Languages books as well as quiz options, podcasts, and many other resources.

Open & Effective Communication

Effective communication occurs when the receiver understands the message as intended by the sender. Open communication occurs when the sender and receiver share all the necessary information for both of them to complete their assigned tasks.

There are no hidden agenda or misrepresentation of information. Open communication is facilitated by effective communication. However, open communication does not mean everything is communicated; sensitive or private information need not be shared.


“You are now free to move around the cabin” To take a journey in spaces of the unknown.  When you first think about the word “explore” our minds travel to warm exotic places on a beachfront with half or even fully naked views and endless drinks. Well, maybe that’s what goes on in my head. [hahaha] Nevertheless, there are many ways to explore, reading a new book, trying the new restaurant down the block or even going on that blind date your friends have been trying to set you up with all month. However, you choose,  be adventurous!

Serve others

The ability to serve others can be lifechanging. The notion of giving back has been stemmed from traveling aboard.

Just remember you can start small and serve people and your local community.  Whether it is clothes and food drives to exercising your right to vote local and presidential.

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