We wear the mask - the descent of thieves NYFWM s/s 18

The Men's Rebellion     by Zoe Monique Cross     Jul 10, 2017

The men's fashion presentation that stolen the show at this NYFWM s/s 18

This season the descent of thieves’ presentation for NYMD S/S 18had to be one of my favorite shows.  The creative director Matteo Maniatty theme the presentation “the mask we wear” speaking on how clothing is part of a disguise, that we as human beings Wear to even hide or showcase our true selves.  The clothes alone remind me of a very mod look which is a subculture that began in the 60’s in London.  The mod look broke new ground in the mid 60’s by making it cool for men to dress purely for the show .. and this presentation was the dedication to that idea .. with mask slightly hanging over each model face.  The bright hue of colors that are eye catching and gorgeous in this collection for sure seal the approved of best show presentation for NYMD s/s 18.