Editor's Letter

Forget about the fear of the unknown and truly embrace the opportunity of the new. We live in a time where we can travel the world without leaving our chair with the click of a button. Captivated by the virtual or user experience scrolling for hours on your social news feed to be transformed into this fantasy world not to mention free from expenses.

"My greatest accomplishments are not base on the amount of money I have made but on how many people I have inspired to create and think for themselves “

Lets step out of the box, most of us have forgot what it meant to be adventurous. Humor me for just a second, your thrill has been trying new applications on your phone. Does that sound like you? Don’t let your current situation dictate your dreams of becoming who you are purpose to be. This issue we wanted to focus on the true purpose on why we are “LIVID”, you got it; living identity!

"We are dedicated to promoting empowerment and enrichment of cultural identity and diversity “

Culture is what drives, inspire, consumes and stimulates us. Throughout Band of Colors issue you will discover how each creative is empowered by their craft and identity. Culturally Speaking on Diversity, a new addition to our issue derived from you; our readers.

This issue was influenced by this past fashion week discussions on the runway “lack of models of color”. As this may be a sensitive issue to be a part of, we would like to take the diplomatic approach and not call out any names for the moment. Six women that view themselves as models of color were interviewed with eight questions. Please read their interviews with an open mind, some of their answers might surprise you. This issue is jammed pack with some amazing editorials and features hope that you enjoy every page! Remember be happy and stay LIVID!