It’s been a hot summer why not keep it by staying fashionable with some classic summer looks, or that will always have you on top of your fashion game with some summer style classic looks from your cookouts to your music festivals these looks will have on the best dress list no matter where you go.

  1. Statement shirts and hoodies! “Say it with your chest,” as the world depicts turmoil, why not say how you feel with the top, that illustrates a statement. Shirts and hoodies have been popping up on runways around the world with a cool quote and or a thoughtful idea.
  2. Denim on denim is still one of the most summers go to the looks in 2017 rather you are in mid-summer wash denim with the denim shirt to match, add-on beaded, or Metallica’s accessories and you are cool for the summer
  3. Floral feeling who does love floral on a summer day ?! Rather a night on the town or date night why not bring out your softer side by embracing floral pattern but not the kind that your grandma would wear, mix it up with some bright hues in there to add a more modern touch.
  4. The little white dress in a world full trends, why not stay classic in the little white dress. Rather you are out with the girls or strolling in the rooftop party this look is a summer must that will keep you on the best dress at the party.


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